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November 12th, 2008


Senator Daniel Inouye takes in the scene and the history-making moment.

Senator Daniel Inouye takes in the scene and the history-making moment at Pearl Ultralounge.

Now that the elections are over, and the public has had time to simmer down about who is to lead our country next, I thought I’d share some of my election photos that didn’t run in our newspaper on that history-making night.  Emotions were strong everywhere I went, from Obama’s Hawaii campaign headquarters to the Pearl Ultralounge Democratic reception, hopes were high for the Hawaii-born president-elect.  

Obama campaign supporters rallied all the way until the polls closed.

It was actually refreshing for me to cover more of the presidential side of the election rather than the local/mayoral race which I did during the Primaries.  What was challenging was trying to make a picture of people watching the television, and I spent down time between shots pondering how I was going to make a storytelling image later that evening at Pearl Ultralounge.

The scene at Pearl was much like a Barfly assignment–if you are familiar with my colleague Jason Genegabus’ column.  Drinks, pupus, music, merry people.  It was when the polls closed that I was able to make some great jube photos.

When it was apparent that Obama was to be the next president, the reactions from the packed house were just through the roof.  Everyone cheered.  Many screamed.  All were elated, including this gentleman:

Maizie Hirono celebrates with one of Obama's classmates from Punahou

Maizie Hirono celebrates with one of Obama’s classmates from Punahou

Needless to say, Barack Obama’s speech left many–including myself–just chickenskinned and overcome with emotion.  That was the hardest part of the whole evening.  The feelings of that moment were captured in these two photos:

Hearing that speech and trying to capture the essence of that moment with my camera was perhaps one of the toughest things I have ever had to do–not because I was listening to the speech, or because of the sheer magnitude of emotion–but because with these few frames, and that amazing man speaking in front of 250,000 at Grant Park, Ill. and addressing the whole world, I came to the realization that our nation could finally believe in itself again.  That’s heavy.

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Escape Artist

November 7th, 2008


Yesterday, while stopping into the newsroom to file an earlier assignment, I had the pleasure of photographing a clever, cunning little fellow.  Here he is, waving to all of you!



Hello everyone!  Let me outta here!

Hello everyone! Let me outta here!

There he is, all grand 0.5 inches of him!  Initially, I was photographing this little guy, who we’ll affectionately name Kermit, from the jar he was dwelling in after one of our graphic artists captured him.  But I could not get Kermit to cooperate with the camera…you know how feisty celebrity talent is.  


Kermit refuses to show me his good side

Kermit refuses to show me his good side

So, after consulting with various colleagues, I decided to pop open the jar to let him out so I could photograph him in a clear plastic case on the white table.

Bad Idea.

After I released the lid, Kermit proceeded to spring upwards onto my shoulder, and BOING…down towards the ground where the backgrounds and gels were.  I swear I heard his ribbit laughter as I exclaimed “NOOOO!!!!” and dropped on my knees to try and apprehend the fugitive frog.  He jumped into a stack of contest papers and into the dark recesses of the studio’s corner.

After a fruitless search of 10 minutes with a flashlight, I broke the news to our graphic artist, Bryant, who had caught the frog.  Immediately, the WHOLE newsroom started breaking out in laughter.  “What!? He escaped?! BAHAHHAAHA!!!” Even our news editors were laughing at me–I don’t know if it was because of the gravity of the situation, the heavy sweat that I had started to break into, or the fact that something the size of a quarter eluded me so easily.

So with 4 people to assist, including the great Mike Rovner, we set out on froggie search in the corner.  Bryant spotted him first, lurking underneath the bottom shelving where old issues of the paper are stored.  Using the same jar, we cornered and coaxed him into the jar.  It was a sight to be seen, fortunately I have NO photographic evidence of this silly fiasco of 4 men cornering and apprehending a frog the size of a thimble.


We then emptied Kermit onto the white table and stuck a CD spindle cover over him and a quarter in there as well for scale.  I could now photograph this nemesis frog at my will, but not before talking trash to him about how he couldn’t escape now, and I pwned you, blah blah blah….yes it was that intense.


This little guy had some attitude

This little guy had some attitude


"Let me OUTTA HERE!!!"

"Let me OUTTA HERE!!!"


Trying to pull the "I'm cute" look...not gonna work, there, Kermit!

Trying to pull the "I'm cute" look...not gonna work, there, Kermit!

After photographing him, and all was done, we put Kermit back into his jar.  I had to photograph him from every angle to determine whether or not he was a coqui frog.  After reviewing the images, many were torn over what type of frog Kermit was–a coqui or another similar frog, the greenhouse frog.  I didn’t stay long enough to find out, as I had burned about an hour chasing and photographing this little guy.


Yeah, that's right, I'm pointing at YOU!

Yeah, that's right, I'm pointing at YOU!