Barack Shadow

November 12th, 2011

Howdy everyone!

Anyone enjoying APEC yet?  The traffic, the dignitaries, the secret service–oh my!

I had the privilege of photographing the arrival of President Barack Obama and the First Lady last night.  As always, the standard pool rules.  Far.  Secret service sweep.  Far.  Three hours before his arrival.  Far.  Oh did I mention, the press riser is FAR???

So I’m swept and led through by Secret Service–four hours before his arrival.  I’m armed with a 24-70, 70-200, and a 400 2.8.

Air Force One makes a nice landing right in front of us!

I had a pretty nice spot on the riser.  The nice thing about President Obama’s late arrival is that there was plenty of room on our riser!  I guess an 11pm arrival didn’t appeal to a lot of the rest of the press.

The door to Air Force One opens, and out steps First Lady Michelle Obama and the President.  Standard shot.  Neat shadows on the plane from the tarmac lights.

And another stock shot…


All of a sudden *Emeril Voice*  BAAM!!

As I was firing off frames, one of the photographer’s flashes from the traveling pool (Air Force One has a traveling pool that gets to ride with him), happens to light my frame.  Voila!  The result?  SHADOW…

President Barack Obama, back, and First Lady Michelle Obama deplane after arriving for APEC 2011 aboard Air Force One on Friday, November 11, 2011 at Hickam Air Force Base in Honolulu. (POOL PHOTO/Jamm Aquino/Honolulu Star-Advertiser).

Stay tuned for more APEC stuff!

6 Responses to “Barack Shadow”

  1. Penny Keli'i Vredenburg:

    To all Hawai’i reporters (TV/Newspapers/Radio): Why oh why must MOST of you when
    reporting on this special ever so important event put the whole process down??? Could
    all of you be a bit more responsible to the people you report to/for and be more encouraging
    and not so NEGATIVE!!!

    Man, all I hear is negative reporting…”oh the traffic, the road, beach park closures, the clean
    up committees of your lovely Honolulu, oh the HUMBUG of it all!!!” Surely with your expertise
    with words you could at least be more pleasant and encouraging!

    What is with all you reporters??? We’ve been advised of this for WEEKS (maybe MONTHS)
    and you keep trying to stir the pot with dissension and negativity – and from the public’s grumbling
    you’ve been very successful! Shame on you! Shame!!

    Come on – be more responsible here!! Can’t you for once be encouraging and helpful with words of patience
    and aloha??

    And, yes, I give you permission to publish this – or send it to Letter to the Editor please.
    Penny Keli’i-Vredenburg
    Waimea, Hawai’i Island

  2. jammaquino:

    With all due respect, this is a photo blog chronicling how this assignment was approached and shot. If you’d like to write a letter to the editor, then by all means, send a letter to the editor. I do not feel the responsibility lies with me to send your correspondence to our editor when you are commenting on this photo blog.

    Perhaps if you had experienced it firsthand here you’d have a firmer grasp on all of the events set forth by APEC 2011. Albeit, they weren’t ALL negative towards the community, but if you had been here, seeing and experiencing the effects of this important summit for yourself, you’d have a clearer picture. This blog post was never about “no aloha” and “no patience.” And on the contrary, I AM responsible! It’s a huge responsibility and PRIVILEGE to be able to photographically document history, and that’s something I take very seriously, beyond the bounds of “oh the traffic, the road, beach park closures.” I take great pride in my work as a photojournalist for the Star-Advertiser.

    With Aloha,

    Jamm Aquino

  3. Sprayhawk:

    Right on Jamm – alittle sarcasm to make light of a difficult week. I got it all the way back in KS…

    Keep up the great work.

  4. Passing Glance:

    Great pictures! Please blog more often as I like seeing the thought processes and technical aspects of your photo work.

    As for Penny, if you really wanted to get your message across, you should be more akamai and send it to the appropriate editors and newsrooms in the first place, not posting it on a photo blog. Btw, Penny, most of the “negative reporting” and “grumbling” I hear are from the people around me who are experiencing everything first-hand just as I am. It really is difficult to be patient when you’ve been sitting in stand-still traffic for hours waiting for motor pools to pass.

  5. Penny Keli'i-Vredenburg:

    Ho man! I just came back to this site (it is now, Feb 23, 2012)….and I stand corrected re: posting on a “photo blog” as opposed to the actual newspaper…I really didn’t realise that I was being critical of a photographer!!

    I reacted instead of responding. As for your criticism of me, thank you for being kind!

    Regarding patience…that (APEC) was a once in a lifetime event….not an every day trying of patience. Life is short – live it with aloha!

    And to Jamm Aquino, I apologise, I was in error to have posted my thoughts. Sent with aloha from me, Penny Keli’i-Vredenburg,
    Waimea, Hawai’i Island

  6. Manoa Productions:

    Great shots! Must have been difficult with the bad light.

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