June 25th, 2012

Marine Memorial, Kaneohe MCBH. Taken with iPhone. "Graduated" filter effect from my vehicle's windshield tint.

Hey everyone!

Some if not most of you who use iPhones and other smartphone devices have probably already heard of an application called Instagram.  For the past few months, I’ve been slowly delving into more and more assignments armed not only with my usual work SLR cameras, but a third camera–in the form of an iPhone.  A bunch of other photojournalist colleagues and friends from around the country have also taken to using this fun application.

It’s a different way of seeing when shooting from an iPhone.  Square.  But it certainly has made me start to think more visually and intuitively with a square frame.

In this age of social media, Twitter, Facebook, etc., the iPhone camera has become an increasingly versatile visual journalism tool–and one that connects with your audience almost instantly.

Amidst all of the photographs taken during the Shinnyo-En Lantern Floating, I was able to gain a different perspective from above--not just with my SLR's, but with my iPhone as well.

Triathletes prepare to enter the ocean at dawn.

Waiting for dad to come home.

So look for a variety of posts coming in the future, not only with work from my SLR’s, but from my iPhone as well.

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