This one time, in band camp…

November 2nd, 2010

The Roosevelt Rough Riders marching band performs during the 35th Annual Oahu Marching Band Festival on Monday, November 1, 2010 at Aloha Stadium. (Jamm Aquino/Honolulu Star-Advertiser).

The photograph I made above was a glass of lemonade made out of the lemons I was thrown last night when I photographed a “battle of the bands” competition between several high school marching bands.

As you are all well aware, I’ve photographed countless football games and events at the Aloha Stadium, but was shocked that after THIRTY minutes of telling the people at the gates (who won’t be named or affiliated out of respect) that I was just there to photograph the kids for the paper, they finally let me in, but would NOT let me on the field.  W.  T.  H…..???!

I had only brought a 70-200 lens as my longest lens, thinking that I’d be on the field no problem to get shots of the kids.  The stadium had been partitioned and closed off, save for the sections nearest to the 50-yard line going all the way up.  Up, huh?  I made my way up to the press box, and saw that the stairs leading up to the nosebleed weren’t chained off…hmmmm

So using my ninja skills, I was able to go all the way up, and the view is quite nice from up there, I must say, and make photographs of the bands doing their shifts and formations.  It actually worked out well!

I tried using the guardrails as a compositional crutch.


I still wanted something DIFFERENT.  I had a few shots I was okay with from up here, including this one,

But when the Roosevelt band did this criss-cross move between their brass players, a lightbulb popped into my head: PANNED!

Canon EOS 1D Mk III, EF 70-200 f2.8 @ 200mm, 1/10 at f16, ISO 800, Fluorescent whitebalance

Something different.  Always what I’m after.  I wanted some lemonade after this ordeal!

Stay tuned for elections!

4 Responses to “This one time, in band camp…”

  1. Tracy White:

    I like the recent posting frequency, and as always, your shots. Really good examples and ideas.

  2. parv:

    If possible, could you please update about the delay and reason for not being allowed on the field?

  3. carrie:

    Nice shot! Saw it in the paper, but it didn’t do it justice.

  4. jammaquino:

    Thanks Tracy and Carrie, I’m glad you’re stopping by the blog. If I can inspire or invoke ideas in anyone photographically, I know I’ve done my job!

    @Parv, great to see a post from you! As for the reasoning behind the “tight” security, here’s how it went.
    When I arrived at the stadium, I tried to enter through the normal security entrance tunnel by the main box office, where the members of the media ALWAYS enter. I arrive there, and the security gets on her walkie talkie with another security guard and after an exchange of chitchat, she directs me to gate 4, because “that’s where everyone has to enter,” she claimed. OK.

    So I go to gate 4, and the stadium usher doesn’t let me in because my “name isn’t on the list.” What is this some sort of night club with a guest list? I had my credential in full view. The usher retorted with “it’s not our event, and the organizers are strict about who goes in, yada yada.” She then said she would call the event coordinator. OK. Ten minutes go by. Then fifteen. Meanwhile, I’m just standing there right outside the turnstile in full view of said usher, while she’s just standing there. Doing nothing. So I asked what was up, and she said no one answered the phone in the “office” where the coordinator was. Great, thanks for telling me. I told her I was on deadline, had a photograph to make, and that I wasn’t going to stay for the whole event. Still nothing. Like beating a dead horse. So I turned and was going to buy a ticket, but another guard intervened and told me I should go down to the main security tunnel, where I had initially gone in the first place!

    I get to the tunnel, and the same first guard lets me in, no problem! BUT she tells me that I can’t go on the field, and that I had to take the elevator up to the main concourse. OK. So I’m watched as I enter the elevator to go to the main level. From there, I headed up, but not before stopping by the security office to ask why the security was so tight on this event. Then, THIS security usher gets on her walkie talkie, then gets on the phone, before even answering me. I told her nevermind, I don’t have time for this pass the hot potato walkie talkie phone tag game. Really frustrating.

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