August 10th, 2009

Hey everyone,

Thanks for constantly checking out my photoblog.  I have been on vacation for the past few weeks and am now back, refreshed and ready for the fall sports season.  Because this blog is for anyone who loves and appreciates photography, I figured I’d post some of my favorites from my travels–maybe some of you can figure out where I went.  Enjoy, and stay tuned for more posts coming soon!

Can you see what that wake belongs to?

Can you see what that wake belongs to?


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  1. SprayHawk:

    ‘Fog’ on the coast of Oregon (yes?) does it for me. ‘Biker’ is a close second.

    You didn’t you hit all of these spot on this trip – right? Oregon, Louisiana, Mississippi and Cali would be an awful lot of traveling.

  2. kent:

    aloha mr j. cool stuff! i’m especially digging the reflections! great moments in great light! hehehe.

  3. Jennifer Crites:

    Definitely the coast of Oregon. Is that California’s wine country? And from the raspberries, blackberries and blueberries, I’m guessing the Olympic Peninsula, where fruit-picking season has been in full swing. In fact, I was just there myself, in Sequim, for the lavender festival. I think I photographed the same heron:) Thanks for the blog. I’ve been enjoying your photos and comments for awhile.

  4. tyg:

    these are some VERY BEAUTIFUL photos!

  5. garyhall:

    Starting with #7 looks like Shark Valley in South Florida – was there last year. Oh yes, for those who haven’t been there – there are no sharks and no valley either.

  6. Carol:

    Portland (great pic of the MAX light rail car), maybe the Farmer’s Market near the PSU campus? I was there last month and loved seeing the local produce. From where did you take the pic of Mt. Hood? New Orleans–great pic of Jackson Square/St. Louis Cathedral. Did you canoe in the bayou? Great pics–I’d love to know what winery you visited–was it in the Willamette Valley?

  7. jammaquino:

    Thanks for the wonderful comments, everyone! A lot of you nailed the places I visited–Oregon, New Orleans, Mississippi, and Napa Valley. Of course these were all vacation photographs, but as a photojournalist, I couldn’t possibly leave these personal photographs unseen by all of you fellow shutterbugs! This week marks the first week of football, so stay tuned!

  8. Cajun:

    You sure making me miss home … thanks J. Awesome shots.

  9. jammaquino:

    I visited wineries in the Napa/Sonoma region of California. I didn’t have enough time to visit the Willamette Valley, although I wanted to so bad! There’s always next time!
    Thanks for the compliments buddy! Louisiana is definitely one of my favorite places in the country:)

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