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‘Amazing Race’ fashion statement

November 25th, 2007

amazing race

Kynt and Vyxsin make a fashion statement on “Amazing Race.” It’s on tonight.

“Amazing Race” is probably one of the last shows you’d be watching for fashion, yet this season there’s more than khaki and mud covering a couple of contestants.

This is my other favorite show because the combination of road trip and couples fighting is amusing. They remind me so much of every trip I’ve ever been on with my boyfriend. In fact, I always tell him we should audition because we are so mismatched temperamentally and bio-clockwise that there is no way the producers would not take us. I’m great at keeping a schedule whereas he can never wake up without creature comforts of a shower and a minimum 5 cups of coffee. I need nothing of the sort, but I also wouldn’t be able to jump, swim or climb to save my life. Neither of us is a great map reader and it is especially hard to figure out directions with his incessant whining in the background. One of many low moments was missing our train from Canada to Oregon because he HAD TO stop for coffee before getting in the taxi. We ended up going by bus. A long, sad journey that is the sort of thing that would be miserable for us, but ratings gold!

Anyway, the couple making a fashion statement on “Amazing Race” is Kynt and Vyxsin, two Goths from Louisville, Ky. They’re so amusing, mostly because Kynt is such a big wuss that Vyxsin has to do the tough stuff. It’s great that they make time to dress up in the heat of competition. I hope they stay in the game a long time. If it were me, rather than carry those giant backpacks everyone has, I’d just wear the same thing everyday, like on “Survivor.”

The couple that gets on my nerves most is the Asian father/daughter pair. The dad is super annoying because he always thinks he’s right and perfect, without lending a hand to help. All he does is talk at the daughter and tell her how things would be so much better if he were in charge, if he had made the decisions, etc. I just want to smack him.

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Stay safe, stay healthy

November 25th, 2007


Wish I could say I’ve been having fun but no, haven’t been posting, haven’t been toasting, haven’t been shopping, haven’t been holidaying, just been trying to recover from the flu after catching the bug from too much handshaking last weekend.

I am going to have to start an anti-handshake movement because it is a filthy biohazard of a practice that has no place in the era of the superbug. The handshake is said to have started in medieval Europe as a way for men to show they had no weapons in their hands. You’d think we would have invented a new greeting by now. I think the Japanese have it right, bowing, with no physical contact with potentially diseased people.

Entrenched as it is, it’s hard to avoid the handshake. I mean, what are you going to say? “I’m sorry, no touching please.”

I think Michael Jackson is onto something when he covers up with gloves and a kerchief over his nose and mouth. He’s no doubt learned something from a lifetime of proximity to masses.

I dug out a pair of polka-dot gloves I bought but never wore. Maybe now I can make use of them; I just have to get a dozen more pairs.

The only possibly good thing that came out of spending Turkey Day ill was avoiding the turkey weight gain that comes with the holiday. I could only nibble a few pieces of turkey, mash p, and slice of yam. Didn’t even get to have a piece of pumpkin pie. :(

This little setback also pushed me behind the holiday shopping curve. It’s just as well I stay home. Drivers are crazy this time of year.