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Workin’ on the eve of ’08

December 31st, 2007

anna adams

Nadine Kam photo
In an outtake from our New Year’s Eve photo shoot for Nordstrom, Anna Adams wears a Norma Kamali dress.

Work New Year’s Eve should have fairly standard but deadlines never cease. This time it meant schlepping clothes early in the morning for a photo shoot we were doing for the February issue of our parent company’s HI Luxury magazine in advance of Nordstrom’s March opening.

Don’t want to give away too much before the issue is out, but the clothes are very colorful and feminine and enough to make you want to start purging your closet in the new year.

We were working with a really tight deadline because the clothes needed to be back in Los Angeles and Seattle Jan. 2 and 3, respectively, so clothes basically went from the model’s body into the Fed Ex box. Thankfully, our shoot was done in record time, four-and-a-half hours, so we were able to make the shipper’s 2 p.m. deadline. Whew!

Many thanks to our model Anna Adams, and Aveda Ala Moana’s Cherie Stamm-Roberts and Cynthia Williams for taking time out on New Year’s Eve to help us with our session.

Well, enjoy the fireworks! Drive safe! Happy 2008!

Dior’s 60th anniversary book is out

December 28th, 2007

dior book

Dior hosted an informal party Dec. 27 to welcome the house’s 400-page 60th anniversary tome, “Dior,” which recounts the history of its creator Christian Dior, whose name became synonymous with the post-war New Look.

The book is beautiful to flip through, with page after page of photos capturing the ambience of 1950s Paris, the couturiers who succeeded him, and Dior models from past to present, immortalized in iconic photos by Irving Penn to Nick Knight. Printed on heavy coated stock, it requires some heavy lifting to bring home. The books are $150.


Nadine Kam photos
Marisa Gey, front, and Branka Knezevic model current Dior designs.

The event also featured informal modeling of current Dior designs and was a little more sedate than usual because a lot of people are out of town or a bit worn by the holidays. Kristen Chan, just back from roughing it during trip to the Grand Canyon admitted, “I forgot how to dress.”

Me too. I wore a 3.1 Phillip Lim dress but forgot my Dior purse at home. Those sharp-eyed fashionphiles can recognize a brand a mile away. I thought my necklace was nondescript enough, but it caused some of the globe trotters to ask if it was from Rome. Pretty close. Picked it up in Kailua at Balcony Gallery, but it’s by artist Antonio Greco, who’s from Italy. The necklace features charms bearing scaled down images of his paintings, which I love for their exuberance.


Kristen Chan is flanked by models Marisa and Branka.

But it appeared she got her act together minutes before the event. While I’ve usually seen her wearing Gucci and Pucci, she’s an equal-opportunity shopper who turned up in a BCBG dress, with a fur from the Max Nugus boutique at the Kahala Hotel, Manolo Blahnik suede boots and Dior purse.


Pualana Lemelle of The Contemporary Museum showed up in a Rebecca Taylor dress with vintage faux fur, while Hiro Soma chose to dress in threads from Dior designer John Galliano’s own line. His jacket, T-shirt and underwear were Galliano’s, worn with Armani jeans. The glasses were Alexander McQueen’s and his belt and shoes are by Gucci. (more…)