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Merry Christmas!

December 25th, 2007

You can expect stylish people and institutions to send out equally stylish Christmas cards. Here are a few:

loree rodkin

Jewelry Loree Rodkin goes stylish and sexy.


Love the delicacy of Tiffany’s watercolor work. It’s printed on 100 percent recovered cotton fiber paper. (more…)

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Christmas shopping — stay on target

December 24th, 2007

rainbow colors

Nadine Kam photos
New merch at Neiman Marcus.

Are you ready for color? I was supposed to be Christmas shopping but you know how it goes when a person has a short attention span. I thought, well, five hours is a LOT of time to shop. Ha! Not when you’re easily distracted.

First thing, had to check out the sale at Neiman Marcus. Really dangerous because I always get sidetracked by the new stuff, and inevitably buy things at full price. I’m not a sale snob or anything, but I’ve come around to their way of thinking, for different reasons. I’m thinking in particular of one woman I was seated next to during the wedding of Al and Charlyn Masini a few years back. We were just talking and she mentioned she had been to NM earlier that day. So I go, “Oh yeah, they have a sale going on.”

And she literally had her nose in the air and sniffed, “I NEVER shop at sales.”

I said, “Oh, really?” But what I was thinking was, “What the … ”

OK, so it is nice to be on season if you can afford it, and she could afford it. But what I find is that if I wait for a sale, the things I want are gone, so I’ll only wait if I think no one’s going to buy a particular dress or blouse. When DKNY had a men’s department my boyfriend wanted to get a white pin-striped jacket from there. I told him no one else would have the guts to wear that, so just wait. So he was able to get it for half price later. My favorite jacket of his is one that’s slim cut with leather piping, from Diesel. I made him pay full price for that.

green dresspink & yellow

A bare sprig is on the way so go easy on the holiday ham and desserts!

Anyway, looking beyond the sale racks was a hint of what spring will be, very feminine and like popping open a box of Crayolas, with just about every bright, happy color imaginable. Love it! Saw it on the runways while I was in New York and almost can’t believe the lemon yellows and dramatic pinks are finally here.

So after that bit of excitement, I ate dinner, got some makeup put on my face at the BeneFit counter at Macy’s and generally procrastinated, managing to buy only two catchup November birthday gifts in those five hours. (more…)

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