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Joining the shoe club

March 28th, 2008


Nadine Kam photo
You might see this pair of Paolos out one day, if I can ever learn to walk in them.

I’m not a shoe person just because my feet are so tiny, at size 3, very few of them fit. As a result, I am able to breeze past shoe departments with zero longing, which is so great! Think of all the money I save, though I compensate for the loss by being a purse person.

There are a lot of cute shoes at the new Nordstrom, but I wasn’t going to actually sit down and try any on, because I knew they wouldn’t fit.

Well, sometimes people invite me to help them shop, as if my daily job isn’t hazardous enough. When you’re in the stores, you see stuff and you start wanting stuff that you probably wouldn’t want if you just stayed home.

So, L. wanted to check out Nordstrom, where I made her try on a bunch of stuff that she would never try on and she bought one of the dresses. Trouble is, we were in the shoe department when she took charge and had them bring out the smallest shoes they had, resulting in my spending double what she spent on two pairs of size 4 Paolos. Too big, but with three layers of padding, maybe.

Only trouble is, one of them is a non-platform with 4-inch heels. I haven’t worn 4-inch heels since I was a teenager, and now find them perfectly good for just standing around looking pretty, just the sort of thing that makes certain shoe people I know easy targets for ribbing. They’re not so good for walking around. So far, I’m just practicing around the house.

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Fine Bros. return with “Lost-Part 3″

March 27th, 2008

Fans of “Lost” who need a fix while awaiting new episodes in late April may want to check out the Fine Bros.—Benny’s and Rafi’s—latest “Lost” parody:

The bros. report the series of three videos have already drawn more than 3 million hits, which seems to be sending a lot more adults back to their toy boxes for inspiration. Check out more at