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There’s a Prada auction online

April 29th, 2008

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Prada is auctioning designer prototypes from its spring 2008 collection at

Among the first items up for grabs were a delicious plum buckskin bag, rose boot and plum buckskin boot. Currently up for grabs is a quartet of skirts for those willing to pay for truly exclusive items. Prices are running $1,500 in euros, with six days remaining.

Fierceness, on ‘Betty’

April 29th, 2008


Who said the next “American Idol” needs to be a singer? How about a designer? Christian Siriano is a natural.

Missed last week’s return of “Ugly Betty.” I don’t know why but Thursday has to be the most fashionable day of the week because that’s when a lot of parties take place. Last season I had to keep up with Betty and Henry by watching them on Internet.

I’m staying home this week (I think), to catch His Royal Fierceness Christian Siriano as he commands the staff at Mode to, “Worship me, bitches.” Acting? He doesn’t need to act. That is so pure Christian!