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Paper with a couture touch

July 30th, 2008


Miemiko Atelier

Those who want to put a little more style into their correspondence might want to head to Alliway tomorrow night, the 31st, for Gotta Have It Thursday.

The evening’s special guest will be letterpress print shop designer Cari Nakanishi, of Miemiko Atelier, who will be displaying her boutique cards and journals from 4 to 8 p.m., when you can browse while enjoying desserts and drinks. There will also be discounts on Origami Bijoux jewelry, Stephanie B apparel, Melie Bianco handbags and Blue Q shopper bags. A $25 purchase will get you a free gift bag.
It’s been said for decades that the more technologically advanced a society becomes — to counter a mix of the attendant fear and confusion — the more it turns to things that are handmade and tactile, and that would apply here, as well as to the DIY movement big with both creators and consumers.

Miemiko Atelier can also create custom cards and stationery by hand-feeding specialty papers through a century-old cast-iron printing press.

I’m glad someone is preserving the old-fashioned printer’s skill. Setting individual pieces of type by hand seems so quaint in the blog age, but was once one of the stages in producing newspapers. I tried it out years ago, learning how to set pages of poetry and my favorite song lyrics, and learning to read upside down and backward in the process.

Alliway is in the Ward Warehouse. Call 589-1141.

Dan Weaver fashion show on video

July 28th, 2008

Video by Jason Genegabus and Nadine KamWent to Dan Weaver’s Fall 2008 Fashion Show Friday night at the Loft where the room was abuzz to see what he’d been working on over the past five months.

For his first full fashion show, it went amazingly well, without a glitch with models or music, as far as I could tell. (I know, behind the scenes there’s probably always thoughts things could have been better.)

He definitely showed he is someone to watch and you can see some of the collection in the video above. My co-conspirator Jason Genegabus did the camera 1 setup and interview with Dan, and I shot secondary video and closeups for our first attempt at a two-camera fashion video. Then he did all the work editing so I could have a weekend off. Yay! Thanks Jason!

I’m usually the last to arrive but I showed up somewhat early that night to save my seat. I felt lucky that I did because a couple came in and, displeased that they were placed in the second row, started switching name tags around so they could be in the front row. Naughty. Maybe for Weaver’s Spring ’09 show he’ll have some gigantic male bouncers and really make it feel like a N.Y. show.