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Fashion flows at Hui Makaala show

October 30th, 2008

harari fashion

Nadine Kam photos
One of the Harari designs on the runway at the 39th annual fashion show.

The Sheraton Waikiki ballroom was packed Sunday for the Hui Makaala annual fashion show. It was a good day for lunch and the show indoors because outside it was gray and rainy, meaning fall has finally arrived after a very long, hot summer.


Designs on view were by Hawaii’s Tapestries by Hauoli, and the L.A. based collections of Ryan Roberts and Harari. Because Hui Makaala is an Okinawan scholarship organization, the opening entertainment included the Paranku Club of Hawaii, and Jon Itomura and Eric Nitta performing a Shishimai (lion-dog) dance, completely believable as one giant, friendly, tail-wagging dog. They both must have hit the ground pretty hard when rolling over as two halves of the dog, but the furry costume must have had something to do with breaking the fall!

On the video you’ll see a little bit of Ryan Roberts’ feminine daywear, as well as designs by Harari. I missed the beginning because of technical difficulties with the camera. Someone had changed the ISO setting to 1600, which caused whiteout, just one of the many problems with shared equipment. I need a camera sponsor.

After the show, I rushed over to the Blaisdell for the one-day Wikiwiki Vintage Collectibles & Hawaiiana Show. Picked up some costume jewelry, a Ming’s silver-and-pearl brooch and looked at some pocket watches for the b.f. This one was nice, with a gold filagree face, but he’s super fussy so he needs to see it himself. The next show’s in February and promises to be two days instead of just one. Sometimes we need the extra day to think about a purchase.


These days it takes a lot of commitment to doing vintage shopping the old-fashioned physical way. It’s one more biz that has changed due to Internet shopping, which makes it easy to shop very specifically, no leg work necessary. I try to shop local as much as possible and it’s more important than ever to support our neighbors, because in the long run, their fortunes determine the rest of ours. We’re all on this rock together and it doesn’t look as if tourism will be picking up any time soon.

Guy’s night at Louis Vuitton Waikiki

October 28th, 2008

the star

Nadine Kam photos
Watch out mom and dad, Luke Hagi is not shy about being surrounded by women, from left, Condesa-Azria Nora Meijide-Gentry, Erika Kauffman and Marisa Gey. Luke modeled Vuitton boys’ wear all evening.

If you were wondering where the boys were Thursday (Oct. 23) night, they were at Louis Vuitton Waikiki. The point of the party was to showcase the store’s new men’s department, which has moved upstairs.

There was one scene stealer among the male models in the house, and a pint-sized one at that. He was Hagi, the son of KGMB’ers Guy Hagi and Kim Gennaula. The little one got at least as much attention as recent Hawaii’s Most Beautiful Man contest winner Hudson Taylor. I see him everywhere since he won the competition last month, even at, of all places, Sephora!


And, for the big boys, Hudson Taylor and Michael Hsia show Louis Vuitton’s menswear for Fall 2008.


Dale Ruff, Regional Vice President Louis Vuitton Hawaii, left, was the evening’s host, with guests, from left, Dialta Alliata di Montereale, Chris Lee and Condesa-Azria Nora Meijide-Gentry. (more…)