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‘Project Runway’ a no-show on tube

February 20th, 2009

project runway gownproject runway

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Although the latest “Project Runway” season hasn’t even aired, the finalists showed their work at New York Fashion Week, and it looked like another sort of Rami/Christian showdown. Now that the week is over, it’ll be last season’s news by the time the episodes actually air. The program is mired in a dispute due to its move from Bravo to the Lifetime network. You can read more about it at the Times.

Whoever designed this, though, looks like a winner to me:

project runway

The show may have run its course. With all the problems in the fashion industry, few are interested in throwing money at the next big thing, in favor of keeping the tried and true afloat.

I’m more interested in seeing the start of Style’s “Running in Heels,” with its peek behind the scenes at Marie Claire. It starts airing March 1. It’s bound to be amusing.

Blossoms on the runway

February 19th, 2009

56th Cherry Blossom Court

Nadine Kam photos
Members of the outgoing 56th Cherry Blossom Festival Court, from left, are Miss Congeniality Keri Haitsuka, Princess Dawn Yonamine, First Princess Ashley Kaneshiro, Queen Trisha Tamaru, Princess Stacey Fukuda and Miss Popularity Jamie Lyn Migita. They’re wearing designs by Anne Namba.

The 57th Cherry Blossom Festival fashion show took place Feb. 15 at the Hyatt Regency Waikiki Resort & Spa, featuring garments from Cinnamon Girl, petite denim by Allisonizu worn with tops and accessories provided by Split Obsession and watches by Swatch, plus ready-to-wear and custom creations by Anne Namba.

KGMB9′s Steve Uyehara and Jeff Booth were the emcees who took their own turn on the catwalk before the show, which you’ll see if you have time to watch the video. I try to keep ‘em short for all the attention-deficit blog readers out there, at 3 minutes max. This one will take a whopping 6 minutes of your life if you have the time to spare. Contestants might want to make the time to study their walk. Cameras (and judges) love a good walker.


Petite denim by Allisonizu is paired with a top and jewelry from Split Obsession, and watches by Swatch.

The fashion show featured modeling by Cherry Blossom Festival contestants Kristi Akiona, Kristen Chung, Tasha Firestone, Jenna Gyotoku, Gina Maeda, Tanya Masunaga, Traci-Ann Miwa, Kelly Nakano, Jessica Taum, Kristen Teves, Janelle Uchida and Kristine Wada.

Members of the outgoing 56th festival court — Miss Congeniality Keri Haitsuka, Miss Popularity Jamie Lyn Migita, Princesses Dawn Yonamine and Stacey Fukuda, First Princess Ashley Kaneshiro and Queen Trisha Tamaru wore Namba’s one-of-a-kind creations.

The event leads up to the Festival Ball March 28, sponsored by the Honolulu Japanese Chamber of Commerce, where attendees can cheer on their favorite contestant.

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