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‘Bride Wars’ all in good fun

March 30th, 2009

Tanna and Bryson Dang of The Wedding Cafe hosted “Bride Wars” at the Ward Warehouse Sunday, where dozens of brides had the opportunity to compete for gift services good toward dozens of bridal services, with discounts for everything from tuxedo rentals, to diamonds to wedding planning.

Names of brides were drawn from those who had registered to participate, and those whose names were drawn kept playing games until they won.

The video shows a couple of the games, which involved recreating a table top with instructions from Naomi Lee of Les Saisons, and, guessing the carat weight of a diamond ring.

Nancy Arcayna wrote the story about the event in today’s paper.

Red carpet treatment at The Counter

March 29th, 2009


Nadine Kam photos
The owners, from left, Ed Robles, Daniel Dae Kam, Pablo Buckingham and DK Kodama.

The Counter celebrated its grand opening with a party Saturday night that included the red-carpet (that was actually blue) arrivals of “Lost” castmates of Daniel Dae Kim, a co-owner in the endeavor with DK Kodama, Ed Robles and Pablo Buckingham, all there to make sure guests had their fill of mini Counter burgers plus sushi and more grinds from DK’s other restaurant, Sansei Seafood Restaurant and Sushi Bar.

Currently the most buzzed-about restaurant in town, The Counter has been open a month and is already the top-performing franchise in the country. Popularity still has its drawbacks as I keep hearing about hourlong waits, but, like I said in my review, the solution is to go at off-peak hours, like 3 p.m., making it one of those rare places where people are willing to make accomodations rather than be accommodated. When does that ever happen?


From left, Beth Shady, Jorge Garcia, Hannah Cornett and pro surfer turned actress Keala Kennelly.

The space is rather small for a party of the magnitude of Saturday’s event, so people flowed in and out for air. It was probably just as much fun outside with the paparazzi as inside, because the celebs were in a good mood and willing to do just about anything for the cameras, whether stuff their faces or ham it up with mock interviews.

Oh, and the burgers were truly yummy!

I left before Josh Holloway got there, but you can see photos of him at photographer Jeannemarie Viggiano’s Web site blog. She’s in many of the photos, and yours truly is in one of them. (more…)