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Shopper’s block? Start with accessory

June 26th, 2009


Nadine Kam photo
What came first, the accessory or the wardrobe?

I contributed to the economic slowdown when, for a couple of months earlier this year, I failed to shop. There comes a point when the closets and dresser drawers are full, and before bringing home anything, one starts asking, “Do I really need another black dress?” Or jacket, or purse, etc.

We probably all have much more than we need (want is another story), so after a while I stopped looking. Then, I was working on this HI Luxury men’s June/July fashion spread, centered on one of summer’s best accessories, the Panama hat.

Accessories are so big now that more people are wise to the ways of stylists and how they can change up and personalize a basic wardrobe with scarves, jewelry and layering.

I can’t afford a Montecristi, but I did buy a summery straw hat (I know, I know, they don’t offer sun protection), and with the hat as inspiration, I picked up the pieces above to wear with it. All of a sudden, I was cured of shopper’s block. It was the first time — outside of print — that I tried building a wardrobe around an accessory. Usually, I fall in love with a top, skirt or dress first, and the accessories are icing. I think this economy is forcing everyone to shop and think differently. These are interesting times.


Leah Ball photo for HI Luxury
Kahi Kapololu in a Newt at the Royal fedora, $650.

Here’s a link to my long-ago opus about the Panama hat as it appears on the Web site of Hawaii’s Montecristi go-to guy, Brent Black. I’m glad he picked it up because I can’t find it on the Star-Bulletin site anymore.

Miss Sixty closeout in progress

June 22nd, 2009

miss sixtydress

Miss Sixty photos
Some of these dresses may still be available at the boutique closeout sale at Ala Moana Center. It also applies to the men’s side of the store, Energie, where there are T-shirts and jeans on sale.

I guess it was a hippie sort of weekend. After making note of the Hippie Holiday event Friday, and due to the hot weather, I went to sleep that night with a top knot and woke up with a hippie-ish middle part.

OK, I thought, I could live with this, despite the recommendation of every hair stylist I have ever encountered (they don’t want me to have bangs either, but I think I will do that next, again.)

In that mode, I found myself at the Miss Sixty closeout sale. Sad but true. I hate to see them go because they have such cute clothes, and everything I bought there I love.

In case you want to check out what’s left, they’re having a 75 percent off original price sale, and I picked up a dress and three tops for about $156, roughly the price of one item at regular price. It helped that my hippie hair matched the pieces perfectly.

It’s all going really fast. I saw an extra small in the dress I wanted when I walked in, but when I went back to the rack later, it was gone, so I had to buy the small.

It’s funny when I look at the photos of the dresses on super tall models. Then I go, “So that’s the way that’s supposed to look!” The dresses are long on me and I had to pass on the bubble dress that doesn’t have the same cute effect when it drops below the knees.

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