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November 25th, 2009

vawer vegas2

Michelle Vawer is featured in November’s issue of Vegas magazine, in a fashion spread shared with model Julie E.

After I ran a couple of photographs of Michelle Vawer from the Tori Richard resort and spring 2010 collections recently, a Michelle watcher dropped a line to say the local model can also be seen in the current issue of Vegas magazine, as well as the latest 2010 catalog for Maui-based Letarte.

I checked out the Web sites, and just yesterday received a copy of the Letarte catalog full of images of Michelle in the company’s swimsuits, dresses and coverups.

I just wonder how long it will be before Sports Illustrated comes calling for its swimsuit edition?

michelle green goddess

Michelle Vawer in one of Letarte’s Green Goddess bikini.

vawer white

Letarte’s lace-up cotton dress from its Earth Angel line.

vawer beach

Letarte’s navy rash guard.

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Put your holiday wishlist on Wishpot

November 24th, 2009


A medium sized YSL Downtown tote is pictured on my Wishpot page, but I want the smaller size, in silver metallic.

Yes, my birthday’s a few days away, as Yu Shing Ting broadcast to her Midweek readers about a month ago. Some people get excited about birthdays. I’ve pretty much ignored them since I was 8. It didn’t help that my birthday fell so close to Thanksgiving that it just got lost in the holiday shuffle.

So, I guess it’s common practice but I’ve never made up a birthday list of wants. This came clear while I was in the YSL boutique at Luxury Row recently, and sent out a photo tweet of a pair of shoes. A follower tweeted back that she was going to add those to her birthday wish list.

A birthday list! My birthday was coming up too. It sounded like a novel idea, and I spied a cute, YSL small Downtown metallic tote, about $1,000, that I liked, so right away I had something to put on MY birthday list that I could pass on to my bf.

Then, I found out about Wishpot, which gathers all your wishes for any occasion to present to the world in general. After all, imagine how many more wishes could come true if everyone just contributed $1 to your pot through your Paypal account!

Topshop Kate Moss bolero

The Topshop sequinned top that got away.

You can start compiling your Christmas list right away. The only problem is that, as with dropping Christmas hints with my family, I’m very impatient and likely to buy the thing before finding another copy under the tree. The wait can be devastating. For instance I had added a Topshop Kate Moss limited edition sequined bolero to my pot — fully intending to buy it once I figured out my EUR size — only to find this morning that it’s no longer available on the site!

Wishpot works best with the most retailer-specific sites and mass-marketed items that are plentiful. In all of my cases, for example, I wasn’t able to add photos of the right items because they are very specific limited editions that are hard to find online.

If you don’t want to appear to be begging, Wishpot’s other use is more private in nature, as a price alert site that notifies you whenever one of your items goes on sale. Check it out at

My Wishpot is at

Go ahead, make my day!

Coach Darcy clutch

Coach Darcy clutch is also on my list, at $398.

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