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January 29th, 2011

There’s a newcomer on the Hawaii ‘zine scene, Pop Iroiro.

Zakkamono photo

If you raad Hawaii magazines, you’re probably already familiar with the work of local graphic designer/art director Zakkamono and photographer Rae Huo, maybe without even knowing it.

The two have been freelancers for publications and corporate clientele for years, but now the Internet has enabled them to self-publish on their own terms. The first issue of their online magazine Pop Iroiro — literally “anything and everything” — has made its debut, featuring Zakkamono’s artwork and Rae’s photos, in 62 pages.

How do I know about it? I’m the first subject of Rae’s 20 questions feature.

Check it out at

Some of Rae Huo’s “14 Things.”

Paris couture via Storify

January 28th, 2011

Click here to see photos from the Paris haute couture shows in Storify format.

Spent two days last weekend in a bunch of classes informing media types how to be better storytellers in various social media formats.

It drives me crazy sometimes because if there’s a new tool, I HAVE to play with it. I’m in a lot of places on the web, so people reach out from every corner. These days I have to check every medium possible to see who’s trying to get in touch with me from where. For the record, though, if someone’s sending releases through Facebook I may not take them as seriously as someone reaching out through a more formal email press release. After all, anyone can dash out a sentence on the fly.

Anyway, that’s how I ran aground trying some slideshow formats that aren’t playing well with WordPress. On the other had, instructors also led me to, which aggregates content on Twitter. It pulls together all the information on a search subject, whether you want it for yourself, or to share.

For instance, I searched for “Paris haute couture” in search of some pics from the runway, and through Storify I could pick and choose those worth sharing with followers/friends on Twitter and Facebook.

Storify is in Beta mode right now, so if you want to try it, you’ll have to give them your email and they’ll send you a passcode key to get started. If you’re interested.