A model wedding

August 26th, 2010

Nadine Kam photos
Newlywed Justine Godfrey in a wedding gown by Acid Dolls creator Cindy King.

As a model, Justine Miguel is probably accustomed to donning a wedding gown or two for work, but it was for real on Aug. 7, when she became Justine Godfrey after taking her vows—for a second time that day—with her new hubby Chad Godfrey.

It turned out to be  a fashionable event, with several models who’ve appeared on the pages of the Star-Bulletin, Star-Advertiser and HI Luxury, in the role of bridesmaids. Partly because they’re friends who’ve worked together, partly because of the visual thing. It  just doesn’t look that great in photos when you have a row of shorties and one Amazon, or vice versa.

If you saw my story in the paper today, about Acid Dolls “Urban Revolution” fashion show coming up, the wedding also showed another facet of designer Cindy King, who created the bridesmaids dresses and reception dress for Justine.

Justine had hoped Cindy could also design her wedding gown, but Cindy admitted some trepidation and lack of time due to focus on her fall collection and fashion show coming up Sept. 4.

Guests took notice. As one man told me. “This is the best-dressed wedding I’ve seen. Usually the bridesmaids dresses are ugly.”

Justine Miguel and Chad Godfrey took their formal vows at the Cathedral of Our Lady Peace on Fort Street Mall. An outdoor ceremony took place earlier in the day.

The bride with bridesmaids Rain Maiava-Rusden Umu, left, and Kate Schuette.

As it turned out, the dual dress wedding also happens to be on trend. The New York Times just ran an article Aug. 22, remarking on it after Chelsea Clinton’s wedding, during which she changed from one gown to another for ceremony and reception. The change is intended to free the bride from her bulky or restrictive dress for something more comfortable. Writer Tatiana Boncompagni noted that even in a rough economy, 70 percent of brides opt for two gowns.

Of course, the story noted, the two dresses have been with us for year, particularly in Hawaii, where the tradition carried over from Asian cultures, and because it’s so hot, who wouldn’t want to strip down as soon as possible?

Congratulations Justine and Chad!

Designer Cindy King, right, with the bride’s sister Erica Miguel.

Justine, in a beautiful fishtail gown from Do’s, emerges from the cathedral with her new husband.

The bride with bridesmaid Genevieve Rokero.

Cindy also designed the flowergirls’ dresses.

The wedding party with Justine in a shorter reception dress designed by Cindy King, with train and lace-up back.

Flower girl Ira Rose Miguel, Erica’s daughter, with her grandfather Benny Miguel.

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  1. jordan@shirakiphoto:

    Justine Miguel Godfrey is hands down my most favorite model I’ve ever worked with. I did a big shoot with her about a year ago and the complete set and behind the scenes (40+ pictures) can be seen here on my blog: http://shirakiphotoblog.com/?p=283

    Her and Chad are amazing and I couldn’t be happier for them :)

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