A new home for Jade by Nikolai

July 22nd, 2009


Nadine Kam photos
Susan Todani, left, and Marilyn Chong shake the popcorn boxes to see if there are any surprises at the bottom.

Jewelry designer Nikolai Tsang has been jetting around the world to share her work at international jewelry shows, and was back in town briefly for Sunday’s blessing and opening of her new Jade by Nikolai showroom in the Kukui Plaza at 1255 Nuuanu Ave.

Finishing touches were relayed from the road, so she was just as surprised as friends and family to see the finished space, with silver-white wall paper that gleamed as brightly as any of her white gold jewelry.

Guests were invited for a peek and for a popcorn tasting, with many a jeweled surprise hidden at the bottom of the boxes, from jade charms and rings to pearls.

There were about a dozen popcorn flavors to choose from, and Nikolai admitted to staying up late at night tasting and throwing out combos that didn’t work. All were based on some of her favorite foods, so with pizza popcorn topped with pepperoni and a “Dreamtime” ode to chocolate-covered bananas, with banana chips, dark chocolate shavings and bits of shredded coconut. It seems that Nikolai could have easily found a place in the food biz if the jewelry biz hadn’t worked out!

Her shop is open by appointment only, but you won’t find her there this week. She’s off for New York, to take part in the JA International Jewelry summer show.

Nikolai Tsang

Nikolai at the front of the showroom.


A wall of corded bracelets and necklaces greet visitors to Jade by Nikolai.

pam schroer

Pam Schroer, husband Richard, a co-producer and assistant director on “Lost,” discovered Nikolai three or four years ago and have been following her ever since. Pam says Richard has just as many pieces as she does, and that she left a few of those she normally wears at home.



Nikolai’s Tokyo Fun Girl popcorn included arare and wasabi-coated peas.

tanya mau

Tanya Mau spotted Nikolai’s jade-and-white gold link bracelet and necklace four or five years ago and had to have them.

tara chang

Tara Chang shows one of Nikolai’s newest creations, a headband accented with a jade butterfly.


Nikolai’s jade mah jongg tile bracelet.

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13 Responses to “A new home for Jade by Nikolai”

  1. Miriam:

    that Tokyo Fun Girl looks very good, and that beautiful butterfly showed by Tara Chang.

  2. Frances:

    what other interesting popcorn combinations did she have?

  3. Nadine Kam:

    There was Hot Mama with chipotle chili powder, corn chips and lime juice; I had one with Italian herbs; there was one with caramel sauce and cheddar cheese ???!!; and I was tempted by one with M&Ms. Sorry, I didn’t study extensively. Just picked a couple that appealed most.


    I was wondering why i got sooo many emails about this post. VERY cool! Always a pleasure seeing you!!! I LOVE checking out what’s happening through you to see what’s going on at home. I’m in NYC and loving it but when I read what you are doing it makes me MISS home. I’m looking forward to jumping in the ocean soon and reading more about what’s happening on the island!

  5. Dee:

    I’m a child of kama’aina who moved to the mainland years ago; I was fortunate to have lots of family all over the islands so family vacations also were an opportunity to experience the different styles of fashion and jewelry. Now there’s so many talented designers from Hawaii and with the internet, blogs, twitter; I can keep up with the newest/hottest things. I definitely love the pieces from Jade by Nikolai and would enjoy purchasing a piece or two. But since I’m on the mainland, does she or any other retailer have her jewelry available for purchase online? Thanks! :)

  6. Nadine Kam:

    Hi Dee,

    I’ll try to put you in touch.

  7. Dee:

    Hi Nadine,

    That would be wonderful, I really appreciate it! :)

  8. Charleen Kageno:

    How would I be able to browse/purchase jewelry? Location and contact information would be greatly appreciated. Mahalo.

  9. Stephanie Gast:

    I can only purchase on-line, due to illness. I would love to give my children “Jade by Nikolai” pieces for Christmas. Please let me know where I can purchase some. Also, some lovely pieces for me.
    Thank You,

  10. Bonnie Blachly:

    Congrats on your new location. Blessings! I will stop by on my next visit to Hawaii. Looking forward to making online purchases if they become available! Hint! Hint!

  11. merlyn fernandez:

    where are you located?

  12. Leigh Arnold:

    I bought a two bracelets in Pensacola FL. and I am hooked. I live in Texas and only make it to Pensacola once a year. Is there any place near me? I hope I can make it back to Hawaii soon!

  13. Gloria:

    LOVE it! ))

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