Acid Dolls debuts 2010 collection

August 23rd, 2009

Acid Dolls white

Video stills by Nadine Kam
Calli Wagner on the Acid Dolls runway.

I’m getting ready for New York Fashion Week in a few more weeks, but in the meantime, Acid Dolls got off to a head start, with the debut of its Spring-Summer 2010 Collection Thursday night at the Honolulu Design Center.

Crystal Pancipanci’s stint in New York allowed her to bring some of the big city’s energy to the show, which opened with a performance by NY hip-rock artist Mitsue with Executive Platinum Music Producer Boola.

Otherwise, I’ve been waiting five years to see designer Cindy King’s post-UH work. She could have delivered a clothing collection sooner, but the perfectionist wanted nothing less than presenting a total look, so took extra time to simultaneously develop shoe and jewelry collections as well. Talk about workaholic.

And Pancipanci has been with her every step of the way as partner-stylist, while running her own fashion production company, Panci Style.

It was a great show, and there were plenty of dresses for girls who embrace the kawaii ideal, as well as cascades of ruffles for those who prefer a more romantic look, plus more sculpted, architectural pieces for the edgy woman. It was a fitting introduction to King’s versatility and talent, and having started, we can be sure we won’t have to wait another five years to see another collection from Acid Dolls.


Mitsue’s performance segued into the fashion show.

Acid Dolls drape

Krista Alvarez in a dress that would fit in at New York Fashion Week.

Acid Dolls finale

Justine Miguel in the show’s finale dress.


From left, Kim Teruya, Dayna Okuma and Tiffany Tanaka, who just opened Fresh Cafe and is about to launch her new boutique concept. Stay tuned.

Giselle and Nicole

Giselle Pineda and Nicole Fox, who were helping to seat guests before taking their own seats opposite mine.

After the show, I saw this black cat on the sidewalk outside Gyu-kaku restaurant. I was concerned because I had seen it when I arrived 3-1/2 hours earlier, just milling around and this time it was trying to rest, but guys passing by would kick it or otherwise roust it. I didn’t want the cat to sleep on the sidewalk and be subject to that kind of abuse.


Another girl passing by thought maybe it had been hit by a car and was injured. I was going to see if the restaurant had a box so I could take it home — which would be the wrong thing to do because I have birds — but they said the cat was fine and hung out there all the time. They don’t even feed it because it won’t take their food, but it’s fat, so someone is caring for it. It’s a beautiful cat they call Midnight, for obvious reason.

I took dozens of pictures because the cat silhouette is a beautiful thing, even though this one was more furry than sleek. So I was out there squatting on the sidewalk, taking my photos every which way, when behind me I heard a voice: “Is that who I think it is?”

It was Dr. Alvin Chung, who was on his way to the party. Such a small world. Where else can you be squatting on the ground in a none-too-pretty position and be recognized by someone you know?

cat & camera

Cat and my shadow.

cat eyes

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10 Responses to “Acid Dolls debuts 2010 collection”

  1. joe cotton:

    So where can this stuff be bought? Nordstrom? Nope. Anywhere at Ala Moana? Nope. It is funny to watch these self promoting and self congratulatory fashion shows around town. Always the same people. Through in a comment about market week and New York. Always the same platitudes how Hawaii should be a “fashion capitol”, fashion incubator, blah, blah, blah. It’s too bad there is no industry here for these people to actually make a living in..then these people could be gainfully employed.

  2. Maya:

    That cat is the cutest cat ever!! I acctually had a cat named eleo that was completly black and looked kinda like this one

  3. jane:

    those models are look amazing and hot, really one of a kind beauty that they have..

  4. md....e:

    So as a person who was there at the show I can say that not only were the clothes amazing, but that the designer did not seem at all “self congratulatory” as some would say. As for the self promoting part all I can say is duh! I mean how are you going to get anything you create out there for people to see without promoting yourself and work? And getting your work in places like Nordstrom or anywhere in Ala Moana is why you put on a show like this so multiple people can see your collection at one time and also see how the public reacts to the collection! Obviously some people don’t have anything that is worth promoting about themselves so they put other people who are trying to do what they love down and that is just sorry.

  5. fashion lover:

    I LOVED THE ACID DOLLS COLLECTION!!! All of her clothes were unique and adorable. I think she will take off and I think that she will be the next Gwen.

    JOE COTTON: why are you hating for? This is something good for Hawaii? Just because you cant buy her things right now at a store doesnt mean that you never will. You never know, you may see her in Nordstrom in the next 6 months. Part of the reason why you have a fashion show is to get more people to buy your items and sell them for you. She is almost finished with her website so you will be able to buy her items online soon. She had a dream and she is pursuing it!! That is inspirational!!

  6. Fashion lover from NYC:

    Seriously? Looks like I could have bought the stuff at Forever 21. Hawaii people know nothing about real fashion only about knock offs.

  7. Page 3:

    Nice collection!!!

  8. rockabella:

    If people in hawaii know nothing about real fashion then why are you even reading this blog. go find the stuff at forever 21 if you think you can.

  9. Stilletto Junkie:

    Maybe some of it is similar to Forever 21, but the same can be said with any designer that is creating clothes that people actually want to wear.

    The difference? Acid Dolls’ clothes probably won’t have hems that unravel after one trip in the washing machine.

  10. Avril:

    Great post. Will be back soon.

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