All sunshine at Heatherette

September 11th, 2007

the runway

It was raining outside, but inside Gotham Hall it was all blue skies for the
staging of Heatherette’s Spring/Summer 2008 fashion show.

Had an awesome lunch at The Modern today, but I’ll serve up details later. Hard to think about food and fashion at the same time, especially after putting my hand on my hip one day while waiting around back stage at the Temperley London show and finding my usual roll of fat gone from all the walking I’ve been doing. Makes me want to stop eating and keep walking.

With about an hour to kill before making it over to the Heatherette show in Gotham Hall, I stopped by the New York Public Library where there was a memorial service for Brooke Astor taking place in the Celeste Bartos Forum. I hung around the entrance for a short time, long enough to see Barbara Walters walk in.

But I wanted to see the library, so headed upstairs where I got onto a computer and started doing a genealogical search for members of my family, then started looking up subjects like the Chinatown fire and bubonic plague in Hawaii. I got so wrapped up in the stories that when I looked up at the clock it was 5:30 p.m. and I was supposed to be at the Heatherette show at 5. I was a little freaked out by having to make it seven blocks from the library to 36th St. and Sixth Ave.


Spotted in the crowd: Some people will wear (or not wear) anything.

When I got there it was a crazy scene with people trying to get in the front and a line stretching a block and a half. I had the bf in tow and he said, “You expect me to get into that?” I was a little worried myself. It’s not easy getting into places and security is hardened and unwilling to hear your story, because there are so many people who will lie or play up any angle to try to get in.

Luckily I did have permission to go back stage and there were fewer people waiting to get in at the back entrance. Later, I heard Heatherette’s show was the worst to get into because there’s always massive confusion at the door. I was lucky to breeze in, although with the show about to start, I could no longer go backstage.

People were already in my seat, but here, a “snooze you lose” mentality prevails. Someone sits in your seat, you sit in whatever seat you can find, and if by chance the rightful owner shows up, too bad he/she was late. The auditorium was completely packed so it was obvious none of the people in line were going to get in.

on the runway

Models return for the finale.

The show opened with Lil’ Mama performing her song “Lip Gloss,” before models hit the stage, their hair done up in a poodle or topiary sort of way, wearing virginal white lace dresses. There was a lot of Americana on the runway as well. Perhaps in acknowledging the anniversary of 9/11, the show was themed “Star Spangled Smiles,” with plenty of red, white and blue fabric. And it’s not a Heatherette show without the costumey aspect of mini skirts formed with layers of netting.

Tyson Beckford

Tyson Beckford is interviewed after the show.

As always, transsexual icon Amanda Lepore took the stage in all her pneumatic glory before designers Richie Rich and Traver Rains took their bows. Celebs in the crowd: Sean Combs (or whatever name he’s going by) and model Tyson Beckford.

traver rains

Heatherette co-designer Traver Rains walks the runway
during the finale of the fashion show on 9/11. He’s followed
by Amanda Lepore while Richie Rich waves to photographers.

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4 Responses to “All sunshine at Heatherette”

  1. JG:

    So who did you ask in order to get the info about Lil’ Mama? There’s no way you’ve listened to that song before getting to New York…

    My lip gloss is poppin’
    My lip gloss is cool…


  2. Eddie:

    No underwear? Does he think he is Britney??
    The Modern. It’s one of my favorite restaurants in the world. I’m so glad you made it there.

  3. Nadine Kam:

    Ha-ha! You know me too well. That song is everywhere and just sticks in your head even when you try to shut it out! So it wasn’t too hard to figure out.

  4. Nadine Kam:

    I missed Britney’s performance on VMAs but heard it was terrible. Today walked into a record store where three middle-aged guys were also talking about how terrible it was. You gotta feel sorry for that girl. Just watching the cameras follow the celebs this week makes you see just how much their self-worth is tied into how much of the spotlight they can grab, and there’s probably nothing worse for them than to go back to being an anonymous face in the crowd.

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