Alliway sparkles at Ward Warehouse

September 27th, 2007

Cutie Pie earrings

Alliway photos
Win this pair of Alliway’s Cutie Pie aquamarine, red coral and pearl earrings or Backstreet Grande mother-of-pearl necklace. It’s easy!

grande necklace

The first time I saw Alliway’s jewelry, I was impressed by how Alli Kim-Czerniak seemed to come out of nowhere, yet had her act together. Because she’s Asian, Korean to be exact, with a casual demeanor, I just assumed she was one of us, but she’d grown up in San Francisco, and already had seven years of experience there before moving here for a better quality of life.

spider necklace

Alliway photo
In time for Halloween, get 25 percent off Spiderweb
necklaces and earrings during October at Alliway,
Ward Warehouse.

Hawaii’s working well as a home base, and her company has grown enough to merit a stand-alone Alliway boutique at Ward Warehouse, stocked with her Alliway and Backstreet lines, as well as jewelry by other artists/designers and accessories that meet her approval. “It’s an extension of everything I like,” she said. That would include birds, particularly owls.

She plans to bring some of those designers to Hawaii, saying, “I don’t think I’ll have any problem getting people to come to Hawaii.”

You can read about Alliway in my story today in the Star-Bulletin. To celebrate the store’s opening, she’ll be offering a 30 percent discount off Alliway items priced at $50 or more. Next month, she’ll be offering a Halloween special of a 25 percent discount off her Spiderweb necklace and earrings (regularly $88).

In addition, she’s offering readers of my blog an opportunity to win two pieces of jewelry. In the spirit of the bewitching month, be the 13th or 31st person to post a comment to this blog entry and you’ll win a pair of Alliway’s aquamarine and red coral Cutie Pie earrings or Backstreet Grande mother-of-pearl necklace. The lucky 13th winner will have first choice.

For those who’ve never posted before, here’s how it works. If you have not commented before, your responses are held until I push a button and release them, so don’t worry if you don’t see your comment right away. I will eliminate duplicate posts. Posts are time-stamped when they come in, so once the posts are released, anyone can see the order in which they came in. Those who have posted before will see their comments right away, but being first is an illusion. Others may have come in earlier but may not yet be public. OK?

I also plan to run more contests and would like to be fair to as many people as possible regarding the best time to post a contest. I’m reminded of the person who complained of coming home and doing all her chores, only to pick up the paper late and realize she missed my first contest. Could there possibly be a fair time for everyone, like 8 p.m. at night? Although randomness certainly has an element of surprise.

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47 Responses to “Alliway sparkles at Ward Warehouse”

  1. f. ouchi:

    Very pretty. I hope that I win!


  2. Tina Ng:

    Love those earrings!

  3. cw:

    omg… maybe i’ll post 12 more comments? nah nah nah!!

  4. Gwen Ishikawa:

    Halloween is my bday, can’t you just pick me?

  5. mms:

    just stopped by alliway today! loved everything from the bags to the accessories, and especially the jewelry!!! =)

  6. Michele Sasaki:

    just stopped by alliway today! loved everything from the bags to the great gift ideas, and especially the jewelry!!!!

  7. Eddie:

    Their design reminds me one store from Meat Packing District. But the price is 10 times less. I am glad that we have more selections. Maybe I can wear that Spiderweb.

  8. Eddie:

    It seems like I can go on and on and on…but I’ll give this chance to those lucky ladies. Trick or treat!

  9. kelliiii:

    I went to her store yesterday after stopping by second skin and the sales lady told me about it… i remember reading about it in the newspaper, but it didn’t click in my head. alliway has the cutest jewelry. and not to mention super hot bags! i think i’m going to frequent that store a lot more now. (:

  10. Davielynn:

    I would love to win those earrings. Their very sheek and I love Halloween. Wish me LUCK!!!

  11. jenn:

    oooh those earrings are so pretty! hope im lucky today!

  12. jw:

    fingers crossed!

  13. johnathan:

    Just saw this while surfing the net. Thought id try to win this for my gf.

  14. jennifer:

    i want the earrings!!! the necklace wouldnt be so bad either..

  15. Davielynn:

    The aquamarine earrings would go great with a shirt I just bought! Lets see if two times a charm.

  16. J =):

    Gosh these are fabulous! *crossing fingers and toes*

  17. Davielynn:

    Could this be a lucky Halloween with new earrings???

  18. Davielynn:

    I really wanna win these earrings!

  19. Davielynn:

    Please let me be the one!

  20. Davielynn:

    Gotta love those earrings!

  21. Davielynn:

    Me, me, win.

  22. Davielynn:

    Hopefully I get to these beautiful earrings! They’ll give me an excuse to buy a costume that matches!

  23. Lauryn:

    i love those spider web designs!

  24. jenn:

    i didnt know we could enter more than once

  25. jenn:

    go me!

  26. jenn:

    i want that necklace!

  27. Dee:

    These make the person wearing them look

  28. 2002jd2b:

    Another great post featuring another great local designer! Thanks for a great article to start the weekend.

  29. Megan:

    Love!! I agree with Eddie that the pricing is awesome. I’m not even bummed if I don’t win and have to buy it myself (but I’d be stoked if I did :-.)

  30. Helene Webster:

    The Alliway’s Cutie Pie earrings are so lovely and original and would definitely add to my wardrobe. Good luck to the fortunate person, be it me or someone else!

  31. Cyn:

    I don’t wear too much jewelry, so if I do win “anything” it would be given to my friends who I know would love them!

  32. jesme:

    Wow, I love your work and can’t wait to see it at Ward!!! I love the use of nature as a taking off point for your inspiration.


  33. Carlynn:

    Pretty and Fun. How exciting to set up a new business. Best of luck!

  34. dale yoshimura:


  35. Eddie:

    Ha,ha…people are funny!

  36. Jennifer:

    maybe todays my lucky day. i need new jewelry!

  37. jw:

    i love the whole jewelry line. id love to own one of the pieces!

  38. jonathan Nagato:

    my girlfriend would appreciate one of those…and maybe shed be less mad at me haha!

  39. Gwen Ishikawa:

    Did my other one go through? My bday’s Halloween, that would be an awesome present!

  40. Stiletto:

    yes, they are, eddie! I love it! :)

  41. Janey:

    Here’s to hoping I win! :) Love her jewelery!

  42. ck:

    very pretty!

  43. jennifer:

    ive been trying to win this since friday.

  44. jenn:

    the necklace would match the dress i just bought

  45. Lynnette:

    Love the earrings!

  46. Eddie:

    More, more, more!
    (8 more!!)

  47. Joyce:

    Wow, very pretty!

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