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Michelle Vawer in a spot for Kohl’s

February 19th, 2012

Local model Michelle Vawer, up for Rookie of the Year vote for her appearance in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, is on a roll in 2012.

After writing about the issue, I heard from Hawaii designer Michele Lau, now living in New York, who said she spotted Vawer in a Kohl’s commercial for Rock & Republic denim. The new spot just started airing here as well, and if you ditched TV for other media, here it is.

Designer seeks aloha via Kickstarter

February 19th, 2012

Eric Wehner Photography
Courtney Coleman in one of Katrina Langford’s HI State of Mind designs.

Katrina Langford is another Hawaii entrepreneur taking to as a source of funding for her clothing line, HI State of Mind.

After a fashion show fundraiser to kick off her campaign to rebrand her sustainable luxury apparel, she still has six days to raise about $3,000 toward her $7,000 goal. If she doesn’t make that goal by Feb. 26, she doesn’t get any of the funds pledged so far.

She’s hoping individuals will step forward to make pledges and spread the word by sharing her  campaign link: In return for money received, she will be offering unique items in return, such as her high- or low-tide skirts, logo T-shirt and 3-way garment level, depending on the amount pledged.

Funds raised, she says, will go toward hiring local seamstresses, that, in addition to freeing her time for design, will help provide individuals with jobs and keep production in Hawaii; allow her to purchase upcycled materials and help preserve the environment by keeping unwanted garments and accessories out of landfills; and allow her to help the economy by paying for the services of hair and makeup artists, models, photographers, videographers, and graphic designers needed to create a professional advertising campaign.