Beauty Spot: Putting the freeze on fat

June 30th, 2011

Hi, yeah I’ve been M.I.A., on vacation on the East Coast. I haven’t had a proper no-work vacation in 20 years, and have tended to leave anywhere from one to three weeks of vacation days on the table at the end of every year. Even when I’ve been on vacation, they’ve always been working vacations because reporters lives to report.

But, for once I thought I’d take a real break and just relax. But I’ll be here from time to time.

If you happened to read Nancy Arcayna’s story about Ultherapy and Cool Sculpting on Tuesday, and want to see how the Zeltiq machine works at helping to break down bodily fat, here’s a video that shows the process:

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  1. Soos:


  2. Nadine Kam:

    Yah, it looks gross when the suction device gets lifted, but definitely less invasive than lipo for those who like shortcuts.

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