Behind the masquerade

April 29th, 2009


Nadine Kam photos
Honolulu Community College fashion technology students presented examples of centerpieces for their May 3 fashion show, themed “Masquerade.”

All-around creative Amos Kotomori is the instructor for Honolulu Community College’s fashion show production course and called me up to sit in on one of the student sessions.

It’s just as well that I’m on this side of the biz, the editorial part, because I know the amount of work involved in conceiving, showing and producing a line, and as I watched the student presentations and took in the enormity of their plans, I just felt tired.

Each designer, with the help of a student producer, will be designing his/her own segment, from staging to lighting to makeup, hair and accessory details, with many sharing models. I would hate to be the person in charge of that lineup, making sure models are spaced so they can complete work with one designer before being redone head to toe for the next. Talk about stress.

The story and photos will be in the paper tomorrow, when, after two weeks of running fashion stories Fridays, I’m moving back to my usual Thursday home. Yes, we’re still trying to figure out what fits where in our new tabloid-size configuration, but hopefully this will be the last move for the fashion pages.

Thanks for your patience!


Storyboards showed some of the students’ inspirations for the event. Designers came in with their own hair, makeup and staging concepts.

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  1. Vinh Buu:

    This is going to be an amazing show, thanks for your diligence in the fashion community!

  2. Nadine Kam:

    Thanks; I try. Amazing job BTW!

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