Black day

November 30th, 2010

No, I didn’t venture out of the house on Black Friday, opting to take a much needed day off to do … nothing.

The holiday madness doesn’t appeal to me and I am grateful that I am not in a position that makes it necessary to stand in line at risk of injury to save $10 or whatever on a Christmas gift.

No one could escape the video of local Wal-Mart madness, but even more dispiriting were comments attached to the video making “welfare” and “animal” cracks about those caught up in the madness, without appreciating their own good circumstances or acknowledging that we’re all part of a society that equates spending with love and affection.

I would wager that the same people who condemn the Black Friday crowds are not immune to the same pressures that make them victims of a materialistic society, whether it’s celebrating a birthday with gifts or buying the biggest diamond ring one can afford to propose marriage. The only difference is the level of spending involved.

Last  fall, when the recession hit, there was a lot of talk about a new kind of Christmas that would be more about values, family and caring than about money. Columnists talked about a recalibration of spending and a new era of needing and wanting less.

That has not materialized.

It’ll probably take successive generations, brought up with less, to wrestle that genie back into the bottle. In the meantime, one place to start would be to be more charitable toward those start life with less, and who may not know they can choose to opt out of the games marketers play.

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2 Responses to “Black day”

  1. Allie:

    Nadine, I still haven’t seen the Wal-Mart video. But a lot (and I mean A. LOT.) of guests at Target told us of the madness. Funny and sad that they made a lot of “animal”-istic comments about the shoppers there, yet visibly salivated and grabbed merchandise off the flatbed I wheeled out on to the floor; barely 5 feet out of the stockroom. I am certainly not immune to the desire to score a $50 tv or $20 camera, but working at a big box store on BF had really curbed my appetite for the madness.

  2. Nadine Kam:

    Oh, sad. Hope you recovered!

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