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Black tie, blue jeans and much more

July 25th, 2010

Nadine Kam photos
The American Heart Association’s Black Tie & Blue Jeans fundraiser, “Heart Rock,” gave party-goers a taste of Vegas, even though only play money was involved.

It felt like there were five parties going on at once during last night’s “Black Tie & Blue Jeans” event , “Heart Rock,” at Waialae Country Club, the 13th annual fundraiser for the American Heart Association.

It was nice in a way that guests could choose the venue that made them most comfortable, whether kicking back for dinner in the Waialae Room, enjoying the beachfront views from tables set up outside, hanging out in the casino tent or playing E.K. Fernandez games.

The event seems to grow bigger and better every year, with more than 160 items, trips, hotel stays, meals, etc., up for bid at a silent auction, including handbags from Gucci and Prada, and a handbag raffle from Chanel, and “Balloon Surprise” with each $20 donation balloon containing a prize, with one grand prize winner receiving a Vacations Hawaii trip and five-night stay in Las Vegas.

The food was ono too. When I looked at the buffet, it looked like your typical, oversteamed fare, but everything was wonderful, from perfectly ripe, sweet, juicy strawberries to lamb curry. Wow! Better than most cook-to-order restaurants!

There were so many ways to win prizes during the event, or at least feel like a winner if you were at the craps, roulette or black jack tables—even if the stacks of chips didn’t add up to anything tangible at the end of the evening. When you’re on a roll, you’re on a roll, whether it’s real money or play money, right? The hoots that accompanied a win seemed to be about the same as in Vegas!

It was hard to decide what to do first, and by the time I finished photographing and videotaping, all the craps tables were filled, so I didn’t get a chance to put some of my theories into practice. I kept looking for someone with the least amount of chips, about to go bust soon, but everyone had a LOT of chips. There were definitely some golden arms in the house!

Wonder what next year’s encore will be?

Elvis greeted guests at the door. Dressed to code in black tie and blue jeans mode were the event’s chairman Billy Pieper, right, and co-chairman Kamani Kuala’au, left, with Kristen Ribilla, director of special events for BTBJ.

One of the popular silent auction items was this Krups C75 Heineken Beertender home-dispensing unit. I believe it went for more than its $100 value.

This set of Rockabella jewelry sold for $80 at the silent auction.

Clockwise from left are Jamie Saiki, Julie Yee, Liane Ono and Darcy Ishiara.

Dressed in Vegas mode were Jeff Davis and Lisa Marciel.


Forever your clothes, with the winning bid

July 8th, 2009


Paula Abdul is the latest of celebrities who have turned their material goods over to eBay for fund-raising. In this case, she’s teamed up with Auction Cause for an auction with 10 percent of proceeds helping the American Humane Association’s Pets and Women’s Shelters (PAWS) program. Benefits will also be going to Petco and the Guide Dogs of America.

The “American Idol” judge is the national spokesperson for the program, which works with domestic violence shelters to allow women to bring their pets with them.


Paula Abdul’s eBay auction includes this Viveinne Westwood black bustier with a bid of $52 as of 5 p.m., with 23 hours left for bidding.

A quick look at some of the pieces reveals that stylewise, she’s informed by the ’80s, with a love of prints, leggings and corsets. She’s also all over the map with a mix of flowy boho, trendy and structured designer pieces. The melange has the range of a Century 21 store. She also favors browns and muddy hues, and well, you know what she wears on the show and on the red carpet, some pieces available here in petite XS and size 2.

Designer items include pants, jackets, suits and dresses from the likes of Dolce and Gabbana, Pucci, Burberry, Vivienne Westwood, Zac Posen, St John, and more. Pieces are starting at 99 cents, and don’t seem to be bid up very high, typically at $26 to $56 with 23 hours left to go.

Each item won will come with a thank you letter hand signed by Paula. Listings will be added through summer, til her closet is empty. Check out

I probably won’t be bidding on anything, but it’s kind of fun to be a closet voyeur.

dolce & gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana black lace, pink slip dress, at $81 with eight days left to go and reserve not met.

matthew williamson

Matthew Williamson silk-wool jacket bid up to $31.01 at 5:26 p.m. July 8.