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Beauty Spot: Meet Dr. Body

January 18th, 2012

Nadine Kam photos
Sayaka Iwai, president of Dr. Body Hawaii, and Masaaki Iwai, whose unique combination of Japanese and Chinese chiropractics, lomilomi, European and Korean esthetics, Thai and Bali style massages and lymph drainage promise a better you in no time.

A visit to Dr. Body’s grand opening Jan. 13 made me realize I’ve never had good posture in my life. But 15 minutes with Masaaki Iwai pushing, kneading, stretching and rolling me around had me standing up straight, butt tucked under, shoulders back, chest out, chin up, stomach muscles taut—all without thinking or working at it.

Moms always tell you to do all those things, but I’ve never been able to do any of it without thinking and working at it. It’s especially hard when I’m sitting at a desk most of the day in front of the computer, which often continues at home. When I’m sitting, I’m likely to be slouching, and imagine all my insides to be collapsing like one of photographer Edward Weston’s rotting bell peppers.

At first I wasn’t going to go through it as I watched him performing 15-minute demonstrations on people in a very public way, with Japanese media photographing every move. I was also wearing a dress.

But those who did get worked on encouraged me to try it. They claimed relief of body problems and that they felt their posture improved and they felt lighter on their feet.

Massaki Iwai whipped many a guest around in a full nelson hold.

The new health and beauty center run by Iwai’s wife Sayaka, who specializes in the spa and beauty aspects of the operation, offers services running the gamut of chiropractic, massage and esthetics, and Iwai’s unique blend of techniques.

Unfortunately, he’s back in Japan now, where the couple operate six Dr. Body centers and Iwai is in demand with a celebrity clientele, and for good reason if they get the result he gave me. He plans to return once a month.

Through an interpreter, he told me I was in really bad shape, and while he spent minutes working on the young man before me, in addition to twisting and stretching me out like the other grand opening guests, I think I was the only one whose tummy he spent a long time vigorously rubbing, which was a little embarrassing, considering I’d just come from the Sony Open, where I spent the afternoon noshing away.

He said my posture problems stem from my belly and talked about it being cold. The rubbing was intended to warm it, and he said I drink too many cold drinks and should drink hot drinks instead. (more…)

Beauty spot: Golden touch

January 16th, 2012

Photo courtesy Orlane

Orlane’s Royale Treatment Facial infuses the skin with royal jelly, hydrating hyaluronic acid and 24K gold.

It seemed appropriate that over the Golden Globes weekend, Orlane brought its golden Royale Treatment Facial to Neiman Marcus for the first time in Hawaii.

The treatment, which was offered on Friday and Saturday, costs €450 in France, and is rarely offered outside Orlane’s Paris salon. Because there are only so many hours in a retail day, only a lucky handful of Orlane’s local clientele got to try it.

The luxuxurious treatment starts with cleansing and exfoliation before application of a golden mask infused with royal jelly and 24-karat gold. The former nourishes and hydrates the skin, while the latter helps strengthen the skin’s matrix.

While the mask is on, Orlane national event specialist Rezvan Perera worked on relaxing and moisturizing neck, shoulders and decollete with a massage of rich and soothing, honey-scented Orlane Creme Royale Neck and Decollete, containing royal jelly, 24-karat gold and other plant-based anti-oxidant ingredients.

She finished the treatment with Orlane Creme Royal Eye Contour on my eyes and lips. Afterward, my skin felt hydrated and taut. It’s a shame I had to go out afterward, so I had to layer the treatment with a small dusting of powder, and a bit of eyeliner. Ideally, facials are best arranged when you can go home and let the ingredients continue their magic uninterrupted.

To try this at home is pricey. The Orlane Creme Royal is $650, the Neck and Decollete is $350 for 1.7 ounces, and Eye Contour is $300.

The treatment proved popular, so Orlane may bring it back. In the meantime, stop by the Orlane counter if you want to be notified of other events on their calendar throughout the year.