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Party with IONA at world’s end

October 5th, 2011

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An IONA Contemporary Dance Theatre fundraiser is always something to look forward to, and this year’s “Maya: The Return of Quetzalcoatl” event Saturday at the Sheraton Waikiki Helumoa Pool promises to be spectacular with more than 30 interactive dancers, a living fountain, pool spirits and Mayan Calendar Boys, and new Tequila Sunrise, Mayatai, Red Hibiscus, the Orchid and Cactus characters.

The theme considers the end of the world, which in the Mayan calendar is set to arrive Dec. 21, 2012. Find out more in my story that will appear in the paper Oct. 6.

In addition to the colorful visuals, your opu will also be dazzled by a Mayan-inspired menu prepared by chef Colin Hazama, along with chocolate tasting.

Tickets start at $250 per person. Call IONA at 262-0110 for more information, or visit

Never a dull moment at Polynesian pageant

September 27th, 2011

Nadine Kam photos
Mr. & Miss Polynesia Pacific 2011 Summer Manuma and Robert Mokiao, with event co-producer Ralph Malani.

Summer Manuma and Robert Mokiao were named the winners Sept. 17, of the Mr. & Miss Polynesia Pacific competition that took place at the Pacific Beach Hotel.

There’s never a dull moment in the pageant that puts its young, dynamic contenders through their paces in five grueling competitions that measure talent and creativity. The competition is probably one of the toughest in town, the contestants tend to be seasoned performers, accustomed to the rigors of the Polynesian revue.

The show coincided with Aloha Week festivities in Waikiki, so after checking in at rehearsals for Valerie Joseph’s “Fresh in the City” the same night! it took me an hour to go from Pearl through Waikiki, so I missed the more fashion-y aspects of the show, the Natural Couture, Pareo and Black Tie Polynesia competitions.

But I did get to watch the talent and always colorful Fantasy Polynesian segments. In the latter, the competitors get some help from drag queens in creating their over-the-top costumes.

When I got there, I spotted some Honolulu Community College Fashion Technology students. I should have known they might have been there to support one of their own, Uoleni Tupuola. For his talent segment, he presented a mini fashion show of four ensembles, showing pageant-style talent doesn’t have to be restricted to song and dance.

The standings:
Mr. Polynesia Pacific: Robert Ahsen Minoaka Keokolo Lopeti Wahilani Mokiao
Miss Polynesia Pacific: Summer Malamaisaua Kawailana Manuma
Natural Couture: Summer Manuma and Julian Maeva
Pareo: Summer Manuma and Robert Mokiao
Black Tie: Summer Manuma and Robert Mokiao
Talent: Summer Manuma and Julian Maeva
Fantasy: Tesia Melani Anuenueokalanikemakamale‘a Worley and Robert Mokiao

Congratulations to all!

Mr. Polynesia Pacific 2010, Micah Tiedemann, brought many to their feet and to the stage during his farewell performance.

Mr. & Miss Polynesia Pacific founder and co-producer Ralph Malani emphasized that the show is one of only a few in Hawaii to focus on Polynesian beauty and talent.

Stephanie Mendieta of Margo Le Perle de Tahiti, one of the event’s sponsors. The company provided the Tahitian black pearls the contestants were wearing.

Talent winner Julian Maeva took home a new TV as one of his prizes for an amazing contemporary fire dance performed in the dark with glow sticks.

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