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Planning ahead for fall

February 22nd, 2012
By photos

Even though we’re just in spring, the timing of the fall shows has those in fashion already looking forward to what they want to be wearing in September.

After finally getting a chance to review most of the New York fall shows, Marc Jacobs showed again why he rules the New York runways. His was my favorite show. Minus the giant, scene-stealing hats, his runway was full of color, textures, interesting layers and silhouettes that in real way, you wouldn’t necessarily mix together.

I think there will be a lot of people clamoring for little knit shawlets come fall, like this one Marc Jacobs sent down his runway.

When it comes to what I would wear though, I definitely go for less drama, and I’m looking forward to the Rebecca Taylor collection, and if I could afford it, I would buy ALL the pieces from the Red Valentino collection. Unfortunately for me, those pieces fall largely into the $600 to $900 range, so I could probably only get one piece. If so, it would be this one:

I really love the pretty, feminine, fresh ingenue style, though I regretfully am past those days.

The Best EVER!!! party

December 21st, 2011

Nadine Kam photos
Supercw Christa Wittmier, center, shared the spotlight on her birthday with designer Matt Bruening. They’re joined by, from left, Andy South, Oz Go, Tina Viernes and Sydney Coelho.

When most people celebrate their birthdays, they might expect, oh, a couple dozen people to show up. When Christa Wittmier celebrates her birthday, hundreds show up, so when I didn’t know exactly where the venue was—in the vicinity of Coral and Auahi streets, I just figured I’d drive around the block and look for the commotion.

Of course it was easy to spot the night-lifers walking toward the a tent and warehouse at 683 Auahi, where I found parking just in time to take in Matt Bruening’s Spring 2012 PVNVH fashion show.

As befitting the fundraiser for the international Pow Wow Hawai’i art show coming next year, presents The Best EVER!!! welcomed emerging and veteran DJs, artists and all-around creatives for one big, high-wattage party to match the birthday girl’s outsize personality.

The last time I saw a show by Matt was also at a birthday party for Christa when we were all standing around in the dark. This time was more formal, with runway seating on the floor for the parade of 26 ensembles in Matt’s draped, fluid style, with a few surprises thrown in. For now, those interested in any of the pieces can look for updates through at, follow him on Twitter @mattbruening or email him at

What was funny was that I didn’t know Matt has a twin, Micah, so when I saw Micah roaming around before the show, I wondered why Matt wasn’t backstage fussing and worrying, as designers do. I tried to say hello, but of course Micah doesn’t know me, so he walked by. Still thinking he was Matt, I figured he had a lot on his mind, so it’s always better to catch up after the show, which is when I saw the two together. That’s when you can see how they look different, but nevertheless, all the photographers were marveling at the strong resemblance.

Some of his more nomadic pieces were accompanied by luxurious fur bags by fellow designer Farida Ong. Afterward, I cornered her to make sure she has pink bags coming for spring. She’s working on them right now!

Now that it’s the holidays, a lot of models are home, whether back from school or back to visit family, and one of Matt’s models was a homecoming Courtney Arndt, who drew cheers when she appeared, from all those who’ve missed her local runway, print and television presence.

Zippers, asymmetry and parachute draping went into this edgy take on the LBD.

Matt has tended to favor a dark palette of black, gray, navy and gray-blues, but this time around, he added a creamy white in a romantic draped and off-the-shoulder dress.

Courtney Arndt, back from the mainland, made her return to the local runway, which brought on a lot of cheering.

Non-flash video link

After the show, Matt posed for photos with model Kelsey Campbell.

David Crans and accessories designer Farida Ong.

Front row denizens Crystal Pancipanci, photographer Harold Julian and Juliet Lighter.

Kylie Cunningham and Maida Montemayor, the stylish founder of Collins and 8th.