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Golden Globes red carpet winners and losers

January 16th, 2012

Getty photos

In the battle for red carpet supremecy, I think Angelina Jolie owned the Golden Globes with this striking Versace Atelier gown. The line and cut are impeccable, and the red adds a striking, origami-like, if somewhat dangerous and scary, contrast. Very Angelina!

If the Golden Globes red carpet were judged like “Project Runway,” it was easy to see who the evening’s winners and losers were.

There were a whole lot of middle-of-the-road gowns that were clearly safe, but could be dismissed in a minute, there was a handful of striking gowns at the very top, and a ghastly spate of “what-were-they-thinking?” moments.

Here’s my 2 cents:

The only one who came close to matching Angelina in glamour, drama and daring was Charlize Theron, in Dior.

Natalie Portman came close with a Marilyn Monroe-esque gown, but there’s some weird scrunching all over, and if you saw her on stage, I didn’t like the way the little lopsided bustle made it look like she had a hump on one side of her body, the opposite of last year’s frontal baby bump.

Jessica Biel may have been one of the worst, but also bad were the old-lady frocks of Lea Michele and Kelly Osbourne, below: (more…)

On set at the Pink Palace with Agyness Deyn

November 3rd, 2011

Agyness Deyn photos by Alessio Bolzoni
Agyness Deyn in yellow Versace at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel porte cochere.

The Luxury Collection Hotels & Resorts, an ensemble of more than 75 hotels and resorts in more than 35 countries, has reunited Waris Ahluwalia with Luca Guadagnino, the director of their Golden Globe-nominated film, “I Am Love.” to create a short film that will whisk armchair travelers on a romantic journey across America, and perhaps inspire them to go exploring themselves.

The planning was as much as a whirlwind as the film depicts, with the whole project being shot in 10 days ending next Tuesday. So, when I heard about it last Thursday night, it was a bit confusing. I was asked if I wanted to go over to the Royal Hawaiian Hotel to interview a jewelry designer on Friday. Well, would if I could, but my day was already planned out.

Luckily, it worked out so filming was actually being done all day Saturday, so I did have time to stop by in the morning. Of course it turned out to be this whole big project involving Guadagnino, whose gorgeous film I had reviewed for the 2010 HIFF Spring Showcase.

And, their leading lady is Agyness Deyn, whose name some may not know, but whose face will be familiar to anyone who’s watched an international runway show or read a fashion magazine in the past three years and seen her face in conjunction with Burberry, Anna Sui, Hugo Boss, Giorgio Armani, Narciso Rodriguez, Oscar de la Renta, Missoni, Temperley London, etc., etc.

Nadine Kam photo
Stylist Heid Bivens shows the Versace dress worn in the Pink Palace arrival scene.

The last time I saw Agyness was at the New York Fashion Week Spring 2008 shows, and in spite of the backstage stress and craziness, she was as nice as could be. She still seems unspoiled, in spite of her It Girl status.

As for the jewelry story, Ahluwalia’s jewelry is featured in the film he’s producing as a Luxury Collection Global Explorer, tapped for his renown as a world traveler and storyteller. And naturally, Agyness will be dressed in designer ensembles pulled by stylist Heidi Bivens, ranging from new pieces to vintage, for a classic, timeless look.

With Hitchcock films as the inspiration, Bivens drew on Guadagnino’s aesthetic and buzzwords tossed out by Ahluwalia, saying the challenge was to recreate the sophisticated look of the director’s leading ladies, such as Ingrid Bergman, Carole Lombard, Tippi Hedren, Suzanne Pleshette, Grace Kelly and Kim Novak, without being “so serious,” maintaining Agyness’ youthful, active and contemporary vibe.

From Hawaii, the crew headed to the Phoenician in Arizona, and will wrap at the Equinox in Vermont. When the film is completed, it’ll appear on the Luxury Collection website.

Deyn being filmed at The Phoenician in Arizona.

Deyn in the desert with the Camelback Mountains in the distance.

Courtesy photo
Styling for the film includes jewelry by Waris Ahluwalia, including this ring I tried on. It was stunning, with the stone a deep burgundy color that isn’t really reflected in the photo.

A bracelet by Waris Ahluwalia.