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Andy South’s F/W 2011 world premiere

March 25th, 2011

Nadine Kam photo and video stills
Andy South takes his bows at the finale of his South by Andy South world premiere fashion show at Ala Moana Center March 24. With him are models Rain Rusden, left, and Justine Godfrey.

Was told by several people at Passport to Luxury tonight that they were clicking on my blog all day today hoping to see a glimpse of the debut of South by Andy South collection last night, so here it is:

Andy South made it snow during his quick-paced show at Ala Moana Center’s Centerstage.

After coming out to address the audience due to last-minute glitches that caused the show to start later than it’s 7 p.m. announced time, Andy disappeared behind the curtain again and the show opened about 20 minutes later with a performance by the 24/7 Danceforce, leading into the runway featuring his south-facing arrow design in cocoon jackets, metal signatures, dresses short and long, and jacket yokes, all in a somber winter palette of blacks and grays with accents of white.

As the show progressed, the question on my mind was “Where’s Justine?” as in Justine Godfrey, who was his muse for the collection.

That question was answered in the finale, when, after the last model in his street collection disappeared behind the curtain, a hooded creature in black appeared. The person sitting next to me laughed. We thought it was Andy, as did others I talked to after the show. But then I thought it couldn’t be Andy because why would he come out early in his own show?

Andy South with Neiman Marcus’s Amy Tomita and Chris Lee. The South by Andy South Fall/Winter 2011 collection that had its world premiere March 24 will be available at NM by late August.

Dancers peeled the bark away to reveal Justine as a winter goddess in white, with sheer “V” panels dotted in shimmering crystals that had the audience applauding, and one girl exclaiming, “I want that to be my wedding dress.”

It was a beautiful moment as a winter of swirling confetti snow gave way to a hint of the spring season to come as model Rain Rusden appeared as a flower, her face hidden by a huge pink rose headpiece, while dressed in a beautiful flowing chartreuse gown. The color was in stark contrast to the blacks and grays that preceded it.

Gov. Neil Abercrombie was there. The show’s late start gave him ample time to pose for photos with many of the fashion show guests.

As the dancers, models, and finally Andy emerged with Rain and Justine, confetti snow began to fall again. I got all teary-eyed when Andy gave his final wave. I was just so happy for him and all he has achieved in this short time. Of course I had to stop myself from full-on crying since it was a public place, but it wasn’t a fluke. I cried a couple more times watching the finale while editing the video.

The next day one person who had been there told me she felt like crying after the show and thought something was wrong with her, so I told her I felt the same way and she felt better in not being the only person so affected.

Fierceness on the runway.

That makes it only the second time I’ve cried at a fashion show. The first was seeing Jason Wu’s Spring 2010 collection in New York. It was a surprise to me considering I’d been hanging out back stage all morning, interviewed the makeup artists, talked to the models, seen all the clothes. It was all rather cold and clinical. Just work and business as usual. Yet in the moment it came together in those rooms at the St. Regis, with the music and seeing Jason make his long walk at the finale, it was an overwhelming statement of his arrival.

This is Andy’s moment.

Among the guests of honor were Andy’s former HCC instructors Joy Nagaue, in green, and Lillian Zane, in pink.

Even so, there are people here who will always make sure he doesn’t let success go to his head. After the show I talked to one of his former Honolulu Community College teachers, Joy Nagaue, who said she and retired HCC Fashion Technology instructor Lillian Zane were looking the construction of the garments the whole time. “I was so nervous. Thank God he took tailoring,” she said. Apparently, his handiwork would have earned him an “A” if he were still in school.

Also among the guests were Hawaii Fashion Incubator’s Melissa May White, in white, and Toby Portner.

Sunday morning confessional

January 10th, 2011

Nadine Kam photos

Kristian Lei with a glittering Buddha that was a gift for party hosts Eric Chander, left, and Takeo.

Like every reporter, I started in news before gravitating to music because musicians are just cuter than politicians. What I learned was how little control the young musicians, at the time, had over their lives. They would wake up and be told where to go, who to talk to and when, so they never had to worry about logistics and could focus on their craft.

I don’t know if I could live that way because I like structure and knowing what I’m doing from one day to the next. But a lot of times I don’t know what I’m getting myself into either. I get these nebulous calls that end with, “Come  OK?” And, being mostly agreeable, I go, “OK,” without knowing much about said event. For one thing, people who call reporters assume we might be on deadline, so they try to spit out details in 30 seconds.

So when 2Couture designer Takeo called last week, I got the sketchiest outline: Noon. Sunday. Tea at 1024. Kristian Lei. Dress. Wear a hat.

Yesterday morning, I wasn’t sure how to dress or if I really heard instructions to wear a hat. I was looking at my Miss Catwings green animal spot and skull hat. Too much? I had nothing to wear with it, so I just stuck on a headband. Then I was sad when I got there because everyone was wearing a fabulous hat, and there are so few hat-wearing occasions in town that when such an event happens you don’t let it go to waste!

The event had many occasions rolled into one. It was mainly a homecoming for Kristian Lei, who’s been in Hong Kong performing in “The Lion King.”

It was also an introduction of Miss Hawaii USA Angela Byrd and MissTeen Hawaii USA Courtney Coleman, and belated birthday party for Desiree Mitsunaga, and just a way for Takeo and fellow designer Eric Chandler to celebrate the new year with the women who inspire them.

There were informal contests for best dressed, best hat, best shoes and best overall look, and love-life confessions that we all vowed would not leave that room (oh, that rascally Eric!) … Though I don’t know, Pamela Young taped all! You can catch her news segment here:

Blossom Tyau, left, with Pamela Young, who won the Best Hat competition of the day. Blossom surprised Pamela with some photos out of her past, when she was a Cathay Capers dancer, below.

You know it must have been a little out of hand when Pamela Young ends up on floored by Iwalani Tseu’s love-life confession.

Miss Hawaii USA Angela Byrd and Miss Hawaii Teen USA Courtney Coleman.

Esther Nakamura lights a candle for birthday girl Desiree Mitsunaga, with Takeo.

Tea at 1024 owner Michele Henry with Angela, being photographed by Kristian Lei.