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Closet Fetish offers Shoe Diva Deal

September 21st, 2011

Attention shoe divas: Closet Fetish is moving its warehouse in L.A., and rather than move its current stash of shoe boxes, they’re offering free shipping for those who order the Shoe Diva Deal of 36 boxes for $359.99. Once they are gone, shoe boxes will no longer be available at the company’s website,

The boxes are available in Stiletto Red, Ballerina Slipper Pink and Light Blue, and only a limited amount of those colors remain, at a count of 200, 214 and 112, respectively.

Closet Fetish was started by local girl Sommer Meyer after she had amassed 250 pairs of shoes and needed a pretty storage solution. Below is how her closet looks today.

Oil consumption isn’t pretty

May 13th, 2011

Nadine Kam photos

A look at the Solar Lounge at Fishcake, at 307 Kamani St. in Kakaako.

The Blue Planet Foundation showed ways to live stylishly and sustainably at its Solar Lounge event at Fishcake on May 11.

The Watt Wheels solar-powered living room was lighted with luminaires and lamps designed by local artists Mark Chai, Keiko Hatano and Wendy Kim-Messier.

Blue Planet founder, chairman and visionary, Henk Rogers was there to evangelize for the cause. Many may be familiar with his name because he brought the video game Tetris to the United States game market almost two decades ago.

He said when he looked around the globe for a place where his foundation could make the most impact, he didn’t have to look farther than his home here in the islands, where energy is costly—financially and ecologically—because of the distance involved in importing fossil fuel. Yet, it is a relatively small place, with plentiful energy sources—whether solar, thermal, wind or ocean current—that could provide for all our needs.

He said that we have the technology and money to essentially go cold turkey on oil right now, but what is lacking is the willpower. The willpower seems to be increasing though, as I overhear many more people talking about electric car options because of the rising cost of gasoline. (If it gets people out of SUVs and idiotic monster trucks I’d be happy.) Guests couldn’t miss the big hint at the door, an electric Tesla parked at the entrance to the soiree!

The Blue Planet Foundation website offers tips on how you can avoid “energy vampires” at home and start conserving energy in ways that aren’t costly.

Man of the hour, Henk Rogers, with Blue Planet Foundation executive director Jeff Mikulina, and their message imploring others to “Be the Change.”