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Indashio returns to Honolulu

December 3rd, 2009


Nadine Kam photos
Indashio makes his walk down the runway during the finale of his New York Fashion Week show, which took place Sept. 11, 2009, at the Time Hotel.

Got a chance to see Indashio’s show during New York Fashion Week, but I realize the distance can make talking about the shows a bit abstract for readers. So, knowing he was heading out here this fall, I thought it would make most sense waiting to mention it closer to his Hawaii show, coming up Dec. 5 at Level4 Nightclub.

Like the designer, it promises to be flamboyantly entertaining, with red carpet arrivals from 8 p.m., a sneak preview of Valerie Joseph’s private label collection starting the show at about 8:45 p.m., followed by the dress collection of Zhan Zi and main event of Indashio’s spring-summer 2010 collection. Tickets are $20 general and $50 VIP for the show sponsored in part by Aqua Hotels & Resorts, Big Ben Entertainment and Midweek.

You can read more about the designer in the print edition today, read my interview from 2008, or my blog post following Indashio’s first Hawaii fashion show here.

indashio sequins

Indashio’s latest muse, Princess Farah, will be in town for the occasion. During an interview Monday morning, Indashio said, “She’ll wear anything I put on her. I feel like Bob Mackie and she’s my Cher.”

indashio sarong

This sarong/sari-like creation was draped on the spot when, due to a dress on loan, the model had nothing to wear minutes before showtime. He showed growth in terms of sending out more structured pieces — like the dress below — than when he presented his first show in Hawaii in January 2008, but when I saw the draped piece I remember thinking, “Ah, there’s the old Indashio.”

indashio fierce

The models’ fierce lips are attributed to Indashio Lip Tar, in a saturated pink-coral created along with the collection. You can meet the designer and pick up a tube, discounted from its regular $12.50 price, at Valerie Joseph on Dec. 4, from 5 to 7 p.m. Note that a little goes a long way, but if you can pull off that shade, go for it. Nothing is too over-the-top in Indashio’s company. Take your cue from the photo below.

pink indashio

indashio silver

A touch of silver ruled all the runways, and Indashio’s was no exception.

indashio dress

One of Indashio’s more sedate creations.

indashio green

Another glint of metallic.

indashio short

Hungarians brought fashion to NY streets

October 6th, 2009

8×10 project
Nadine Kam photo
A model and photographer from the Open Air 8X10 Fashion Show bring pedestrians into the fashion picture.

I received an email from the Extremely Hungary organization that jogged another N.Y. memory. The pro-Hungarian group hosted a fashion/art project on 6th Avenue, between 42nd and 43rd streets, bringing the fashion shoot to the street by photographing passersby with models dressed in creations by Hungarian designers in an event called the “Open Air 8X10 Fashion Show.” You can see some of the resulting images by visiting their Flickr stream.

open air1open air2

Open Air photos

I’m afraid I got caught up in the moment and was one of those who posed for them, but had the sense of mind not to sign the release form that would have allowed the photo to be unleashed who knows where around the world. I did give them my email address to receive the photo, but didn’t think they’d be organized enough to figure out which email went with which photo.

It was a fun idea that brought a lot of people not normally interested in fashion into the picture.


Nadine Kam photos
Polaroid images of some of those who stopped to pose on the street.

DIY shoe

Here’s a DIY idea for updating your old shoes. One of the models was wearing a pair of black slingback wedges dressed up with various pieces of colored leather and fabric.