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Fendi Part II: Vintage and new

December 29th, 2011

Nadine Kam photos
One of the new jackets from Fendi’s Spring-Summer 2012 Ready-to-Wear Collection is set next to a display of the Vintage Fendi Fur Collection. This green is one of my favorite colors. The jacket also comes in bordeaux and electric blue.

A show of vintage and new awaits visitors to Fendi Ala Moana Center from 1 to 7 p.m. today and tomorrow, and Fendi Royal Hawaiian Center from 3 to 9 p.m. Jan. 2 and 3.

I dropped by earlier today for a chat with Fendi ready-to-wear and fur specialist Lionelo Patino-Patroni Boronio, in town from New York to share the collections with Fendi fans.

Boronio worked with the Fendi sisters in Rome and said he retired in 2009, moving to Peru to enjoy a simple life. But a year into retirement, he got a call from the company requesting that he go back to work, in New York. He said it was not easy to return from a relaxed to hectic pace again, but said he was happy to share his expertise with a younger generation not accustomed to the world of luxury as lived and practiced in Europe.

That is, embracing the idea of everyday luxury, and not treating luxury as a distant, scary or stuffy sort of Holy Grail. In Europe, he said, people are more likely to play with fashion, and he was charged with teaching Americans how to play. It could be as simple as learning how to add luxury and expand your wardrobe by adding a splash of color and texture with a scarf.

Pieces from the Vintage Fendi Fur Collection set on dress forms.

Each color in this design from Fendi’s Vintage Fur Collection represents one piece of dyed mink, sheared so the texture is like an extremely soft, plush velvet.

On this skirt from the Fendi Fur Collection, panels of sheared mink are set next to hand-painted panels of sheer silk mesh in an amazing play of color and texture.

Models Mandy McGarry and Angela Byrd, with Fendi ready-to-wear and fur specialist Lionelo Patino-Patroni Boronio, model pieces from Fendi’s Spring-Summer 2012 RTW collection.

Mr. Boronio shows how he likes to play with accessories, like wearing this cape on a diagonal rather than the symmetrical way most women would choose to wear it. This creates interest and makes it fashion, rather than utilitarian.

Of course we can’t forget the handbags, and Fendi is bringing back stripes and new materials in the latest iteration of its Baguette.

The Peekaboo bag opens to reveal bold color on the inside as well as the outside.

This bag mixes beads, leather and fur trim.

Holiday shopping at Vuitton

December 13th, 2011

Nadine Kam photos

From left, Michelle Olo, Sherri Vallejo and Lizette Chang-Zahn show off the Louis Vuitton ensembles they tried on, complete with accessories from sunglasses to shoes. They are the tri-chairs of next year’s Sacs in the City event.

Louis Vuitton Waikiki opened its doors to the Junior League of Honolulu for a girl’s night out holiday shopping event Dec. 8.

It was a grown-up, dress-up party, with displays of scarves, jewelry, sunglasses, purses and other accessories set up for easy access to all who wanted to touch and try on.

JLH Board of Directors president Lisa Haeringer gave some of the opening remarks, saying that on days you don’t feel like a star, LV’s sunglasses and scarves will help, and 10 percent of sales that evening would go back to the JLH for the organization’s community outreach programs.

Chai Chaowasaree provided the food for the event, but I’d just come from an event at Halekulani, so didn’t have the capacity to sample any more ono-looking treats and desserts.

After dressing up in head-to-toe LV, the women lined up for photos by Rae Huo and Zakka. I wanted to try on the black dress Sherri Vallejo tried on, above, but I didn’t and regretted it the minute I stepped out the door. How many times can you put on LV and have the moment documented by such fab photographers?

Anna Pang helps Janice Choate-Zavakos with a monogram scarf.

JLH president-elect Jennifer Dotson tried on a trench coat with Monogram Vernis clutch, while Dianne Bosworth added a scarf and satchel to her own skirt and sweater ensemble.

Accessories were arranged for easy viewing and trying on.

Mildred Schwarz tried on Louis Vuitton’s dramatic wide structured patent belt.

Louis Vuitton Hawaii regional VP Dale Ruff with Cherye Pierce. (more…)