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Miu Miu celebrates grand opening

March 27th, 2009

miu miu

Nadine Kam photos

Prada area manager Joe Incao with stylist Crystal Pancipanci, left, and makeup artist Jessica Hoffman.

Prada Corp. celebrated the grand opening of its Miu Miu store last night with a well-attended party of some of Honolulu’s most stylish, as well as a handful of celebs, including “Lost’s” Michael Emerson, dressed in crisp white linen, homegrown actress/singer Tia Carrere and “American Idol” season five finalist Katharine McPhee, who’s also working on her acting skills.

Of course dozens came dressed in Prada or Miu Miu, but the person drawing circles of interrogators all night was Ronald Cheung, dressed in a black Commes de Garcons kilt worn over Louis Vuitton neon leggings, with white shirt and very cool cinched buckled top that had an edgy bondage-meets-straitjacket vibe.

tia carrere, katharine mcphee

Tia Carrere and Katharine McPhee, both dressed in Miu Miu and in town filming “You May Not Kiss the Bride,” produced by Hawaii Film Partners and also starring Mena Suvari. It’s said to about an American pet photographer who gets caught up with Croatian gangsters while on honeymoon with one of the mobster’s daughters.

It was a great party and the floor was so packed that if you saw someone you knew, you had to grab them right away, before they got swallowed up by the crowd, never to be seen again.

at the miu miu party

From left, party-goers Denise Nakano, Chanel Wong, Candace Konjevic, Rod Iasuda and Lesli-Ann Yano.


Splashin’ time at ‘Atlantika’

October 6th, 2008


Nadine Kam photos
Ashley Layfield is the Spanish jellyfish in “Atlantika.”

Iona Contemporary Dance Theatre presented its splashy fundraiser “Atlantika” Saturday night at the Kahala Hotel & Resort, an event guests won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

Guests followed a procession of mermen, draped in blue veils, into the pool area where they were greeted by the spectacle of dancers reimagined as sea creatures, from a mermaid and feathery anemone at the entrance, to a towering sea dragon on stilts and covered with yards of streaming fabric. This may be one of Iona’s most elaborate events ever, the vision of creative director Cheryl Flaharty.

Among the guests was Henry Ian Cusick (that’s Desmond to non-”Losties”). Many of the guests dressed in blues, greens and other aqua tones to suit the night’s theme, so it didn’t surprise me that some of those I photographed at the beginning of the event ended up in the pool at the end of the night. I was just praying I didn’t end up in the pool by accident while running around the pool to shoot video. I was only sorry that I didn’t capture the moment the guests made their running leap into the pool. I had overheard them plotting, but thought they’d wait until after dessert.

Among those who ended up in the pool was Kenwei Chong, who also tried to get Cheryl into the pool. Dressed in white, she wisely ran for shelter.

Others inched closed to the pool and its warm water when presented with windup toys, that swam away, sometimes too far for them to reclaim, causing much sadness among the big “kids.”At a typical event, I might shoot 20 video clips, but because of the costumes and because the dancers move so well, I ended up with 66, a lot to go through.We were treated to s sound track of bubbly and psychedelic music of the ’60s by DJ Julien Palmarini. Hair, including Summer Partlon’s towering Octopussy beehive, was by Dack Quigley. Meanwhile, the part of the Ethereal Jellyfish, in white in the video, was played by the Star-Bulletin’s Michelle Poppler, who I totally didn’t recognize while shooting the video, even though she was an inch away from my face!

Rain arrived with dinner, sending some guests running for cover, which was weird, this being a water-themed event and all, but I had no doubt that in sunny Kahala, it would pass quickly, and it did, just a light blessing.

Food — such as sea critter fritters (baccalao) and pan-roasted kampachi with sea foam, mussels and clams — was rather slow to arrive and Cheryl said later, while toasting marshmallows beachside, that they had trouble getting started because no one seemed to want to sit down. Everyone was too busy strolling around, admiring the dancers and their extravagant costumes, photographing and videotaping all that was happening.

It was great fun an you can read the who’s and why’s about the event in my earlier story at

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living fountain

The living fountain, Robyn Franklin. (more…)