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Beauty Spot: Osmotics

May 27th, 2011

Nadine Kam photo
George Smart, national director of education for Osmotics Cosmeceuticals, shows the device used for the LED treatment used in conjunction with the company’s products. He’s 40 and his skin is amazing. After battling rosacea most of his life, he said Osmotics’ Blue Copper is what started him on the path of skin healing.

Francine Porter, creator of Osmotics Cosmeceuticals, is revolutionizing the way skincare is sold by bringing esthetics to the sales floor with the introduction of LED red-light Therapy used in conjunction with Osmotics products.

This is the wave of the future, just as performing makeovers on the sales floor might have been a novel idea 50 years ago but is commonplace today.

While the Nordstrom Cosmetic Trend Event is going on May 28, you may be able to catch George Smart, national director of education for Osmotics at the counter performing the LED Therapy, which will continue to be available on a permanent basis, by appointment.

A treatment that might cost $200 at a esthetic or medi-spa will be free with a $75 purchase from Osmotics, or $75 without purchase. Consider it a lift with purchase instead of a gift with purchase.

Porter started the company because she was frustrated by the empty claims of many cosmetic brands, and wanted scientific proof of products’ effectiveness. She began working with university medical centers, basing its treatments on clinically validated tests, and licensing technologies that produce results.

Smart said he suffered from rosacea throughout his life, unable to find any product that worked until he discovered Osmotics Blue Copper 5.

Although most people might use Osmotics for anti-aging purposes, others like Smart, seek it for relief from rosacea or other skin conditions such as excema, psoriasis, or who are going through chemo or radiation.

Some of the most popular items from the line include:

“Crease-Less”: A needle-less Botox alternative, with patented peptides that help prevent expression lines and creases.

“Eye Surgery”: An under-eye rejuvenator to help reduce dark circles, puffy eye bags and smooth crepey eyelids.

Necollete: Targets signs of aging and sun damage on the neck, chest and décoletté.

Bath & Body Works now open

May 2nd, 2011

Nadine Kam photos

Members of Bath & Body Works management team are photographed with Miss Hawaii USA 2011 Angela Byrd, third from left. BBW execs, from right are Hawaii district manager Karen Hancock, Hawaii store manager Jennifer Thomas, Western Region Zone Vice President Ron Ford, Hawaii Regional Manager Lisa Lacey, and Executive Vice President Ken Montera.

The wait is over. After an early morning blessing May 1, with media tours and a private shopping event for friends and family, Bath and Body Works is now officially open.

The only downside, one photographer reminded me on site, is now Hawaii residents have one less place to shop for omiyage when they travel to the mainland. For years, it’s been a go-to site for body lotions, foot creams and other scented products so many love but couldn’t get here.

The timing of the store opening, on the Macy’s end of the mall level of Ala Moana Center, next to the Tori Richard boutique, is perfect for Mother’s Day, and on the tour, they showed various gift packaged items. If you don’t see a set you want, just grab the items you do want and they’ll wrap that in cello for you.

It’s a sensory-overload sort of experience, and men and women who were shopping put their olfactory senses to the test, picking up and sniffing every other item.

For those, like me, who are not big on scent saturation, there is the line of Patricia Wexler skincare products, and in a line of C.O. Bigelow Mentha lip tints for $7.50. I liked the original New York apothecary mint-flavored lip balm and picked up the ginger-mint version here, with it’s gold shimmer that looks great over any lip color.

For the few people allowed into the store at any one time to shop, it was really noisy, the noise emanating for the enthusiastic staff, who hooted and cheered all morning.

I told Juliet Lighter, who emceed the morning events, that they must be really happy to work here. It turns out she helped recruit the staff by getting interviewees to sell the team on the products.

“We could see in 5 minutes who really enjoyed the products and were passionate about them. The people we hired love Bath & Body Works products, and that’s one of our core beliefs, that passion leads to success.”

I think they’ll find they have a passionate customer base as well.

One of the Bath & Body Works gifts sets, of bath products presented in a miniature plastic tub.

The store provides many a grab-and-sniff moment.

Pink Sangria candles have a monstera leaf decorative container option.

One of the sales team members Stephany Sullivan shows the new Lemon Zest body lotion, while showing one of her favorite products on the shelf, Sleep Pillow Mist.

Shirley France, left, manager of staff learning and development, with Juliet Lighter, who recruited most of the company’s 100 enthusiastic team members.