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Your look in bright lights of Times Square!

September 6th, 2011

Your picture here!

If you ever wanted to see your pretty little self on a billboard in Times Square, now’s your chance.

Diet Coke is giving stylish people from all over the world a chance to be a part of New York Fashion Week by featuring their new look for fall in a digital fashion show in Times Square on Sept. 15.

Submit a photo of your favorite new look for the season through Sept. 12 on the Diet Coke Facebook page at

Fashion bloggers Bryan Boy, Susie Bubble and Pelayo Diaz will be selecting their favorite new looks from among the photos, and their choices will be featured in Times Square during Diet Coke’s New Looks for Fall fashion show, a digital catwalk that will appear on the six-story-tall Coca-Cola digital billboard.

Submitted styles will be featured on the Diet Coke Facebook page, and anyone whose photo also includes the new limited-edition Diet Coke also will be entered to win one of 10 W Hotels getaways for two, including airfare on Delta and hotel accommodations.


As for my photos in “Times Square,” check out, which makes it easy to slip your own face into one of 218 effects/images that allow you to transpose your head on another body or piece of artwork, or insert yourself into a painting in the Tate Modern or National Art Gallery, a street poster, etc. Hours of fun!

Summer dressing, NY style

July 18th, 2011

NEW YORK—Twenty years ago, inspired by Bill Cunningham’s work in the New York Times, I started doing a monthly HI Style street fashion photo feature in the Star-Bulletin.

That lasted all of three months. I got bored. Here, there just wasn’t the variety of looks that abound on New York streets.

A new generation is a lot more fashion conscious now, but even so, there’s still a universality to dressing here, which might be labeled “mall casual,” with very little variation. As much as I started out wanting to document street fashion on this blog, the focus has been on social events, where people tend to make more of an effort to dress up.

You’d think summer casual is limiting to begin with, but there is so much more variety on New York streets. Their casual is a lot more studied and polished. Here’s what I saw on Prince Street in a span of 15 minutes. It makes it a lot more fun to be a fashion voyeur: