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Holiday fashion at Trump, Part I

December 8th, 2010

Nadine Kam photos

Designer Bernard Foong, center, with models Kristie Dias, left, and Kristen Stephensonpino in his creations.

The holidays were cause for two back-to-back parties at The Trump International Hotel Waikiki. The first, “Dress to the Nines,” took place Dec. 6, with Hawaii Red Magazine presenting a fashion show by Bernard Foong, and also featuring silver jewelry and objets d’art by Maxi Hawaii, showcasing the work of the versatile Miao brothers, Richie and Howard.

In addition to standard evening gowns in red, black and white for the holidays, plus pretty, feminine florals, Bernard’s showcase included his signature lingerie bustier and fantasy creations. With spring also around the corner, some of the frothy creations in pink were compared to the work of 18th century French Rococo painter Jean-Honoré Fragonard, whose works were known for a certain joie de vivre and playful eroticism.

Foong, who was raised in Malaysia, and trained in Europe, has worked internationally and makes his home on Maui. You can read more about his work in my past story here. He is currently shopping around for a boutique location in Waikiki.

Meanwhile, I’m hearing that Ivanka Trump may be in the islands for her own presentation at the hotel in spring 2011. If everything I’m hearing about materializes, 2011 will be much more exciting than 2010. Crossing fingers!

Kristie Dias in front of one of the Trump International Hotel’s lobby Christmas trees.

From left are Kristen Stephensonpino, Jennifer Cox and Myana Welch in holiday red and white.

Kristen in a frothy pink dress that had one observer comparing it to paintings by 18th century French Rococo painter Jean-Honoré Fragonard, whose works “The Swing” and “Love Letters” are below.

Lee-Ann Kong shows the back of one of Foong’s more gothic creations.

Cory Dias lounges in a floral gown.

Malie Moran’s Hawaii Red Magazine helped host the event, that also featured jewelry from Richie Miao’s Maxi Hawaii. Below, his brother Howard shows that he’s moved far beyond scrolled jewelry to such objects as a Bearbrick with crystal paws and a silver chest, and at the bottom of the page, a sterling silver Gundam figure.

Tarina Tarantino teams with Kid Robot

July 10th, 2008

Tarina Tarantino photos
Labbit earrings will be about $120 when they arrive later this month.

Tarina Tarantino’s latest jewelry collaboration is with Kid Robot. Didn’t think Dunnys, Munnys and Smokin’ Labbits could get any cuter.

The L.A. designer can do no wrong, having had successful collaborations with Hello Kitty, and even managing to make Barbie cool. I may have to switch out my Hello Kitty Pinkhead heart toggle necklace for one of the new Kid Robot designs!

The collection is scheduled to debut July 30 at, at Tarina Tarantino locations and in Hawaii at Chic Icon, 7192 Kalanianaole Hwy., and Queens at 831 Queen St. I might also check out Hawaiian South Shore on Ward Avenue, which always carries a good selection of Tarantino pieces. Prices will be between $65 and $975.

This amazing pearl and ribbon Munny necklace will be about $975. I wore a black Munny charm on my Tiffany bracelet — until I lost both after a back massage at the Iolani Fair. I had taken it out and stuffed it in my pocket, but I guess it fell out.