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Putting Animoto to work on Skaffs

June 5th, 2008

Hi JK!Here’s the Skaffs vid you asked for from last night’s event at Split Obsession, where, because Luke dropped in rather suddenly, fans were unprepared. They actually had to ask him for paper, and then people resorted to passing him dollar bills to sign.

Split Obsession owner Bruce Chin really dug deep when he whipped out a crispy $10 bill. Whoo-hoo!

Geez I’m supposed to be writing a story now, but I turned once again to, which is like Hamburger Helper for your photos and video stills, mashing them together with music and special effects the average person just doesn’t have access to, and coming up with something worth serving.

Try it on fashion, girl’s night out photos, whatever!

luke feldman

Photo by Nadine Kam
Skaffs’ Luke Feldman at work. Check out his site at

Fine Bros. return with “Lost-Part 3″

March 27th, 2008

Fans of “Lost” who need a fix while awaiting new episodes in late April may want to check out the Fine Bros.—Benny’s and Rafi’s—latest “Lost” parody:

The bros. report the series of three videos have already drawn more than 3 million hits, which seems to be sending a lot more adults back to their toy boxes for inspiration. Check out more at