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Seen at NYFW

February 11th, 2011

Polyascko2′s ‘A Philosophy Fashioned’ for men

January 25th, 2011

John Alexander Polyascko, left, and Gerald Polyascko pose with their models after their Polyascko2 fashion show at The Edition Waikiki Jan. 22.

Polyascko2′s Gerald and John Alexander Polyascko put on one of the most ambitious shows I’ve seen in a while at The Edition Waikiki Saturday night, about 15 models, about 80 ensembles, running more than an hour long. For comparison, each New York Fashion Week show typically runs 15 to 20 minutes.

I was making my video, noting YouTube has increased its time limitation to 15 minutes from 10. Woohoo! since my video was running 11 minutes long. My co-worker said that kind of running time is self-indulgent, but I figure the models want to see themselves, the designers never get to see the show because they’re backstage, etc. I probably included two-thirds of what was shown, which were the designers’ statement three-quarter sleeve shirts, some casual street and outerwear and some sharp suiting.

I headed to the dressing room after the show (no, not to see men undressing!) to check out the clothing, beautifully cut and sewn from great fabric. I expected no less from the made-in-Italy garments, which are well worth their price points, starting at about $175.

I love the crisp, polished look presented, definitely worthy of the big leagues, though here, the buttoned-up looks will be a hard sell for men more accustomed to the hang-loose mentality. They’re most likely to find a niche in Waikiki, with exposure to international clientele, and guys with money, who aren’t afraid to make a statement with their clothing.

All day long, there was a fear that it might start raining at any time, a big worry because the show was taking place on the hotel’s open-air pool deck. It is such an amazing venue for a fashion show, and this was the biggest to take place on the property since it opened last October.

I loved the way trees framed the models, and even when it rained, the water slick on the wood deck created a dark, ambient shine.

I would love to see more shows here, but for women’s shows, they might have to add flooring over the deck because skinny heels could easily slip through some of the wood slats, as those who wear them quickly find out.

Other guests did not find any charm in the couple episodes of rain, which sent some scurrying for cover (which is why it looks empty in certain parts of the video), and others grabbing pillows off the loungers to cover their ‘dos.

Pacing for the show could have been better, but that would have entailed hiring more models. With gaps between model appearances, the show ran a little too long for those unaccustomed to seeing that much menswear in one sitting. One girl moaned, “This is so boring, it’s all men’s!”

I guess she hadn’t bothered to check on the details of the show before deciding to show up!

I think the brothers did a great job in showing Honolulu what a real fashion show looks like, and hope they inspire others to improve on that foundation.

Click on Hudson’s photo for my YouTube video.

Video link for iPhone

Mark Robinson with Iwalani and Aureana Tseu, right. Mark, an early investor in the brand, and Aureana are wearing Polyascko2.

Women ushering guests to their seats found time to pose on the red carpet.

There’s supposed to be a slide show here, but having technical difficulties. Will keep trying: