Dan Weaver fashion show on video

July 28th, 2008

Video by Jason Genegabus and Nadine KamWent to Dan Weaver’s Fall 2008 Fashion Show Friday night at the Loft where the room was abuzz to see what he’d been working on over the past five months.

For his first full fashion show, it went amazingly well, without a glitch with models or music, as far as I could tell. (I know, behind the scenes there’s probably always thoughts things could have been better.)

He definitely showed he is someone to watch and you can see some of the collection in the video above. My co-conspirator Jason Genegabus did the camera 1 setup and interview with Dan, and I shot secondary video and closeups for our first attempt at a two-camera fashion video. Then he did all the work editing so I could have a weekend off. Yay! Thanks Jason!

I’m usually the last to arrive but I showed up somewhat early that night to save my seat. I felt lucky that I did because a couple came in and, displeased that they were placed in the second row, started switching name tags around so they could be in the front row. Naughty. Maybe for Weaver’s Spring ’09 show he’ll have some gigantic male bouncers and really make it feel like a N.Y. show.

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8 Responses to “Dan Weaver fashion show on video”

  1. the point is?:

    The point of this is? The show was 2 minutes and 45 seconds? This stuff looked so ridiculous in Honolulu. Little red riding hood and gingham aprons? This is not a fashion show, it was a vogue moment for the incredibly vain.

  2. cw:

    people with comments like the one above make me very very sad =(

    the point is just mean. the show looked really cool. it would be nice to see more people doing what he does here. it can’t be easy to pull a show like that off.

  3. Nadine Kam:

    Sigh, you are so right. I already vented on Twitter.

    The point is so simple but remains so hard to grasp — that fashion goes beyond covering one’s nakedness and fitting in.

    Fashion is about reacting to the world, sharing ideas, inspirations, moods and emotions. The rest is just clothing and there’s nothing wrong with appreciating a piece of clothing on the most basic level, but before offering a critique, one must be prepared to acknowledge it takes a real visionary/creative to step beyond the norm to present fashion — which is not about throwing out visual vomit either. In that way I understand why this is so confusing to those who don’t know the difference between a thoughtful, cohesive collection and one that’s pure noise.

  4. Katlin:

    I agree with your comments. I have to stop myself sometimes too when I comment on people’s clothes or someone’s designs. Besides wearability, there is so much more layers and meanings to clothes that we can pick apart and appreciate.

  5. Pam Chambers:

    I loved the collection! As for its being inappropriate for Hawaii, the writer who was critical has obviously not spent time in many office buildings here, where people wear parkas (or the same “pilly” cardigan every single day) to keep warm! Here is a stylish alternative!

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  7. Lacy:

    two sneaking in to the front row.. that would be MEEEEEE… lol. I would have never done such a thing if it wasn’t Dan Weaver.. hehe.

    Totally got caught huh.

  8. nadine kam:

    Hi Lacy, no that wasn’t you, so you were cool. Those seats were open after the show started so were totally fair game. (One was Jason’s but he was videoing, and one was my guest’s but he wanted to stand.)

    The couple mentioned was changing the name tags before most of the reserved seating guests arrived.

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