“Dirty Laundry” on view

September 3rd, 2008

Nadine Kam videoStopped by Nuuanu Gallery last Friday to check out boxes of T-shirts coming in from artists across the country, on exhibit as part of Jesse Arneson’s and Scott Na’auao’s “Dirty Laundry” show continuing through Sept. 21. Official grand opening is during First Friday, the 5th. The idea is to not get rid of your old shirt just because it has an itty bitty stain or hideous blotch. I, for one, am prone to wearing white and somehow ending up at pasta restaurants and spattering marinara sauce on myself. Now, apparently, all life’s little accidents can be turned into art! I’m already accustomed to wearing holey T-shirts at home because I have parrots who love nothing better than to pick seams apart while riding on my shoulders. And forget wearing jewelry around them.The gallery still held the Jerry Okimoto and Satoru Abe exhibition when I was there. Over the weekend it was transformed with a grape sorbet color scheme.Above is a video of Scott and Jesse opening boxes and taking a look at some of the shirts for the first time, with gallerina Mariko Merritt also admiring the shirts and some of the aromas wafting from them.My favorites were Rosemarie Fiore’s fireworks painted works, though they are meant to be seen, not worn due to chemical treatments and general shredding and burning that wouldn’t stand up to washing.

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