Fashionable afternoon with Hui Makaala

October 11th, 2011

Nadine Kam video stills
Models for Sonny Ching by Paradisus walked the runway during the Hui Makaala Scholarship Luncheon and Fashion Show Oct. 2.

Hui Makaala presented its 42nd fashion show Oct. 2 at the Sheraton Waikiki’s Hawaii Ballroom, featuring designs by Fighting Eel, a line of Sonny Ching by Paradisus silver jewelry and Andy South, who featured his Fall/Winter 2011 collection and a small sampling of Spring 2012 designs.

Sonny Ching put on a striking showcase, his models draped in white and his men barechested to show off the silver jewelry. I just love Akemi and Linda Ueda’s work at Paradisus and have many of their smaller, demure pieces. Their website is

I may add a short video clip here later, just to offer a sampling of the pacing and sounds of the show. Otherwise, without a tripod, it was difficult to focus on the jewelry through video, though pieces were bold enough to be seen at a distance by the naked eye.

Fighting Eel’s segment included Hui Makaala scholarship recipients, as well as guest models such as City Councilwoman Ann Kobayashi, Donna Mercado Kim and Patsy Young, demonstrating that the local line often associated with young women can be suitable for any age. Donna Kim looked especially striking  in a floor-length, black column sheath.

Andy’s finale was also a treat. After staging many a show at his alma mater, Honolulu Community College and at New York Fashion Week as a “Project Runway” Season 8 finalist, he’s a young old pro at this and always brings an element of theater to his showcases, which isn’t often seen in many of these benefit fashion shows.

Nonflash video link

Another of Sonny Ching’s models.

Sonny Ching took his bows after the show.

Sonny Ching by Paradisus bold silver pieces are likely to be conversation starters to wearers. Their Hawaiian motifs range from kapa inspirations to pahu to manifestations of the deity Ku.

Above and below, a trio of looks from Fighting Eel.

Ann Kobayashi in Fighting Eel, and below, Donna Mercado Kim.

Patsy Young in Fighting Eel. Young served as honorary chair for the event.

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