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September 13th, 2010

Nadine Kam photos
At Neiman Marcus, student designers/stylists were given the run of the store’s merchandise to interpret six of the major fall trends, including feathers, fur or lace.

Fashion’s Night Out Honolulu keeps getting bigger and better, and the—thus far—centralized location at Ala Moana Center makes it easy to go shop-hopping, unlike in New York, where events take place all over the city so you pretty much have to choose your area and stick to it. Four hours is not a long time to take in all the fashion shows and deals.

Last year my plan while there to cover Fashion Week was to find Mary Kate Olsen, who was supposedly making the rounds of Saks, Bergdorf, etc. But you have to be lucky; the stars come and go, the stores are huge and the crowds are body to body. It’s overwhelming.

Here’s a taste of this year’s rag & bone SoHo event from University of Hawaii APDM graduate Katlin Taosaka who was kind enough to send me a guest post! Yay!

I skipped NY Fashion Week this time because I promised several months ago to participate in Neiman Marcus’s FNO events, including judging a student stylist competition and also presenting some of my favorite picks for fall. This was a while before I learned about Andy South and Ivy Higa being in “Project Runway.” This would have been the year to go and cheer them on, as well as to be among the first to take in the shows since they moved to Lincoln Center. Oh well. At least I could arrange for my seat to go to one of Andy’s teachers.

Video link for iPhone users.

I figured I had to be at Neiman for about three hours, which didn’t leave much time to wander to other boutiques. I checked in at Michael Kors, Fendi and Chanel, where I wanted to try the new Les Khakis de Chanel nail colors. I knew the military green color would be a perfect match for my wardrobe.

Had to rush in getting a manicure. Basically, I had 10 minutes and told them I’d just apply the top coat at home. Luckily, the color is rich and saturated so the manicurist only had to apply one coat!

Then I had to rush over to Neiman to help judge the student stylist contest, with Honolulu Community College’s Christopher Ching and Reise Kochi, Kapiolani Community College’s Kyle Kagamida, and the University of Hawaii at Manoa’s Jennifer Fukino were all given four hours earlier in the week and the run of the store to come up with their interpretation of fall’s key trends: green, vests or wraps, leopard, military, lace, feathers or fur.

All of them did a great job, and Reise, who also won the Best Designer Award this year at HCC, was named the winner. You can check out his and Christopher’s HCC senior collections here.

At the Michael Kors store, the official FNO tank top was available for sale. They also had a drawing for the bag below:

Fendi introduced its Crazy Carats time pieces, with multi-color stones. The crowns adjust, allowing the wearer to change the positions of the jewel time markers to reflect their varied color moods or to complement their days’ outfit.

Fendi also hosted an installation of the Fall/Winter 2010 campaign shot by Karl Lagerfeld, with limited edition, numbered and signed self-portraits of the designer available for purchase. You can read more about Lagerfeld’s inspiration in an earlier post.

I dropped into Chanel to check out the nail bar, where manicures were being offered to those who purchased one of three limited-edition, military-inspired colors for fall: Khaki Vert, Khaki Brun and Khaki Rose ($25 each). Khaki Rose had sold out by the time I got there, and I picked up my favorite color, military green.

I had to multi-task, snapping this photo of Tiana—in Chanel, of course!—and Nobuhide Torii with one hand, while getting a manicure with the other.

The crew who put together this year’s Chic in the City event in May, reunited to cheer on stylist Kyle Kagamida, right, who was one of four student stylists invited by Neiman Marcus to interpret the fall trends in a fashion show/competition. From left are Cheryl Witbeck, Dream On Consulting’s Amanda Stevens, makeup artist Rene, Allie Lee and Anya Rozova of “America’s Next Top Model.”

Here are some of my trend picks that were shown on manikins in the Women’s Contemporary Sportswear section. I labeled them as day wear, date wear, First Friday wear, travel, etc., to convey the idea that the clothes are meant to be worn on a daily basis, and not just reserved for special occasions. The look below is something I’d just wear to the office.

One of my picks for fall was this Helmut Lang dress, paired with a feathered shrug and Marni necklace. I may pick up this dress. Let’s not be twins, OK? Actually, I like pretty much every Helmut Lang dress on the racks right now.

I also love this Elizabeth & James blouse, so boho slouchy, but still feminine, with plenty of movement and comfortable, too! Too bad you can’t see the gray furry bag it’s paired with.

I loved this jacket with a kind of self vest. I didn’t look at the labels when making my picks, so not sure about the designer, but it has an Alexander Wang aesthetic, my other favorite designer for the past two seasons.

I take the business of fashion seriously, but fashion itself should be fun. I like contrasts that keep people guessing, whether mixing seasons, pairing hard or soft, or luxury labels with thrift-shop finds. In putting the First-Friday/gallerina look together, above, I couldn’t find the right full lingerie skirt to pair with this dual-tone, motorcycle-trench sleeve hybrid jacket, so I asked Neiman’s visual merchandise manager if he had a crinoline. Of course he did!

For balance, I had to throw in these full-metal spiked leather boots, which Doug likely put on hold for himself later!

The ultimate compliment was that I was told later that evening that the jacket and boots sold after someone saw this look. Other pieces sold as well, though I was told the display was more popular with Japanese visitors than local people. Imagine that.

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    I tried to make it to Chanel but just couldn’t! I had a great time at the Neiman’s event, and it was great seeing you (and your cute furry leopard bag…)!

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