Getting the boot with UGG, Jimmy Choo

November 4th, 2010

Nadine Kam photos
From left, Shana Peete, Chessa DeCambra and Momoko Metzker model some of the UGG-Jimmy Choo limited-edition boots, worn with clothing from Tina Wary’s Therapy Boutique.

The weather seem to be fully cooperating when Jimmy Choo, Ala Moana, hosted a launch introducing its Jimmy Choo/UGG collaborative footwear collection.

It was on call but the weather has cooled down and it was just a rainy enough to make it perfect for guests to excavate their own boots from their closets.

What they found were limited-edition boots  embellished with metal studs and animal stripes, nine different styles in all, in a price range of $495 to $795.

I almost escaped unscathed but some calf-high boots of wool and cashmere with studded leather fringe down the sides—versatile enough to wear with shorts, skirts and dresses—were calling. I managed to walk to my car without busting out the credit card, but then walked right back to the store to get the last small size. An occupational hazard.

You may be seeing them a lot because Julie Aragaki and Valerie Ragaza-Miao picked up the same ones!

A cake was baked to suit the occasion.

Julie Ann Aragaki, left, with Lauren Brown, West Coast director of stores for Jimmy Choo.

Yoko Nosaka tries on a studded pair.

Valerie Ragaza-Miao, with her husband Joseph Miao, came in with one pair of boots, but quickly changed into the 90 percent wool-50 percent cashmere, studded, fringed UGG-Jimmy Choo collaborative boot, below.

Makeup artist Jessica Hoffman came in boots she picked up during the recent New York Fashion Week.

Yuki Nozawa slipped out of her pink flats in favor of these studded UGG-Jimmy Choo’s. Her husband Daisuke Nozawa wears that other popular brand, Crocs.

Jodi Matsumoto, left, and Kristin Imose showed up in peep-toe booties.

Fashion adventurer Nikolai Tsang veered from course, naturally, opting to try on a pair of silver Hunter & Jimmy Choo croc-embossed boots.

Austin Kino served up delicious edibles from Downtown, including these mini chicken curry-cranberry sandwiches.

From Jimmy Choo, I headed to Linekona School, where Terry Nokell was conducting a class for the Hawaii Stitchery & Fiber Arts Guild, in creating a ceramic-and-bead necklace from $8 kits she put together. It’s always fun to make stuff! Like I said in an earlier post, she’ll be at Louis Pohl Gallery on First Friday.

Joan Apana, left, and Debbie Gayagas show their finished necklaces.

I also picked up one of Terry’s ceramic chicken pins for $8. I don’t like the feral chickens that tear up my yard, but can’t deny their appeal in theory, the pleasing form and overall goofiness. Check out the cochin below that I met in Waianae over the summer. She has many, many other designs including kittens, llamas, dragonflies, grapevines, kimono, fish, etc., etc.

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5 Responses to “Getting the boot with UGG, Jimmy Choo”

  1. Allie:

    I hate to say it, but I can’t get behind the famous Ugg boot even if Jimmy Choo can! 70 isn’t cold enough for me to justify them!

  2. Allie:

    btw, is that the chicken that pecked your foot?

  3. Nadine Kam:

    That’s what I thought at first, but they’re supposedly cool when it’s hot, warm when it’s cool. My legs don’t feel any hotter when they’re on. I thought of that with the wool going into spring, but I figure I have 5 mos. and when I bust em out again next fall people will wish they had them! Or I would if I didn’t get them, like those Miu Miu cross-body feather epaulets that got away last fall, and now look, one year later feather shoulders are everywhere! Ugh! Still so sad about that one. Loved the cross-body elastic, perfect accessory for the simplest tank top. Any occasion.

    No that’s a different chicken. The cochin, and 20 more chickens are pets of these bird keepers. They’re so tame, like dogs. So cute. I love the chicken’s fluffy legs, like they’re wearing UGGs! The Haleiwa chicken hangs out in front of Grass Skirt Grill, begging for food. Watch out for that one. When I was talking with some tourists passing by, I had a french fry in my hand, and when the chicken decided I was holding on to it too long, it jumped up to grab it!.

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    Your blog is really great! I like it.

  5. Karen:

    Woah this blog is excellent. I really like reading your articles.

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