Golden Globes red carpet winners and losers

January 16th, 2012

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In the battle for red carpet supremecy, I think Angelina Jolie owned the Golden Globes with this striking Versace Atelier gown. The line and cut are impeccable, and the red adds a striking, origami-like, if somewhat dangerous and scary, contrast. Very Angelina!

If the Golden Globes red carpet were judged like “Project Runway,” it was easy to see who the evening’s winners and losers were.

There were a whole lot of middle-of-the-road gowns that were clearly safe, but could be dismissed in a minute, there was a handful of striking gowns at the very top, and a ghastly spate of “what-were-they-thinking?” moments.

Here’s my 2 cents:

The only one who came close to matching Angelina in glamour, drama and daring was Charlize Theron, in Dior.

Natalie Portman came close with a Marilyn Monroe-esque gown, but there’s some weird scrunching all over, and if you saw her on stage, I didn’t like the way the little lopsided bustle made it look like she had a hump on one side of her body, the opposite of last year’s frontal baby bump.

Jessica Biel may have been one of the worst, but also bad were the old-lady frocks of Lea Michele and Kelly Osbourne, below:

Also on my worst list, Sarah Michelle Gellar in volume and print that overwhelmed her.

The opposite of young women looking twice their age was the older women who looked fabulous in an age-appropriate way, like Jane Fonda and Diane Lane, below:

There was an unfortunate nude trend on the red carpet. Hollywood blondes, like Heidi Klum, need color to avoid looking washed out.

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