Guy’s night at Louis Vuitton Waikiki

October 28th, 2008

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Nadine Kam photos
Watch out mom and dad, Luke Hagi is not shy about being surrounded by women, from left, Condesa-Azria Nora Meijide-Gentry, Erika Kauffman and Marisa Gey. Luke modeled Vuitton boys’ wear all evening.

If you were wondering where the boys were Thursday (Oct. 23) night, they were at Louis Vuitton Waikiki. The point of the party was to showcase the store’s new men’s department, which has moved upstairs.

There was one scene stealer among the male models in the house, and a pint-sized one at that. He was Hagi, the son of KGMB’ers Guy Hagi and Kim Gennaula. The little one got at least as much attention as recent Hawaii’s Most Beautiful Man contest winner Hudson Taylor. I see him everywhere since he won the competition last month, even at, of all places, Sephora!


And, for the big boys, Hudson Taylor and Michael Hsia show Louis Vuitton’s menswear for Fall 2008.


Dale Ruff, Regional Vice President Louis Vuitton Hawaii, left, was the evening’s host, with guests, from left, Dialta Alliata di Montereale, Chris Lee and Condesa-Azria Nora Meijide-Gentry.


I don’t know about you, but for me, the camera has gone from being a keeper of memories to an indispensable note-taking tool, one way to remember the pieces being modeled by Leandro Solana. This guy seemed to think so too.


According to dad Guy Hagi, Alia is usually accustomed to getting all the attention in the house. It’s not easy giving up the spotlight to her brother, maybe that’s why she gave him a, um, love tap at one point.


Luke Hagi and Michael Hsia clown around in Louis Vuitton camouflage jackets. That’s a sticker on Luke’s forehead. In the background, mom Kim Gennaula commits the evening’s proceedings to video.


Vuitton VIP Specialist Mary Chang plays host to guests and Bryan Watai, left, and Anthony Thornburg.


Among the guests were Tau Dance Theatre’s Peter Rockford Espiritu and Hokulani Honda.


Other guests included, from left, Austin and Charlotte Cox, Christina Stidman, Grant Teichman (trying to hide), Benjamin Mangona and Clint Schroeder.

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