Jade by Nikolai at Heaven on Earth

October 29th, 2007

jade ring

Nadine Kam photos
Phuong Nguyen shows a ring of imperial jade and diamonds in a double flower design from Jade by Nikolai.

Here’s a welcome idea for all event planners: Jewelry designer Nikolai Tsang treated some of her best clients to a Spa Day Oct. 28 at the newly open Heaven on Earth at Koolani.

On view was a selection of jadeite, pearl and precious stone jewelry, as well as the spa itself, at about 20,000 square feet. It is so huge that while the party was going on in the salon area, most guests were unaware that one floor below, regular spa treatments were taking place without interruption. There’s enough space for a women’s lounge, men’s lounge, couple’s massage room and space for yoga, pilates and, of all things, pole-dancing classes.


Nikolai helps Mika Guillou try on one of her necklaces featuring a jadeite chrysanthemum pendant.

The event was a great way to get a jump on holiday shopping in between enjoying spa treatments including four stations for 15-minute chair massages, three manicure stations with one for nail art, three pedicure stations, plus one each for makeup and brow waxing.


Nadine Kam photos
Kristin Wood gave a few lucky guests a taste of what it’s like to have longer, thicker lashes. Below, a look from the top, as worn by Marissa Nagai, left, and Angela Matsuo.


As a treat for a limited number of guests who arrived and signed up early—not me because I forgot to turn on my alarm clock—Kristin Wood was there applying Xtreme Lashes. They are so beautiful and natural looking for those who could use more length and fullness. That would be all of us, right?

black diamonds

Michelle Koughn wears a necklace of black diamonds and imperial jade from Jade by Nikolai.

As for edibles, there were berry and fruit smoothies, champagne to go with those manis and pedis, plus a whole lot of healthy eats provided by the Lifestyle Cafe which is part of Heaven and Earth. It’s owner Lora Nakai’s aim to take care of your entire being. For those who follow the food side of what I do, the news is that Kevin Tate a k a Kevin Two Boots is one of the chefs involved in the cafe, and according to Lora, we can look forward to dinners and wine tastings soon!

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