Jay Sario heading back to alma mater

April 8th, 2010

Just got confirmation that “Project Runway” designer Jay Sario will be returning to his alma mater as a guest judge for the annual Honolulu Community College fashion show taking place April 24.

This time around, the judged will be the judge in the student showcase that will take place on the school’s campus.

A great coup for the school that will no doubt help boost ticket sales. I’ll have more details later.

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One Response to “Jay Sario heading back to alma mater”

  1. mel domingo:

    Now that Jay Sario was eliminated from Project Runaway, he need NOT to feel insecure about it and get over it.
    We ALL know that both Nina Garcia and Heidi Klum are NOT fashion desginers. Just
    East coast fashion elites who rub noses with designers for discounts and publicity.
    Yes, very (vicious) New York, hmmm.
    I just cringe when those New Yorkers come here combing thru Honolulu thrift shops for vintage aloha print apparel for their Tribeca boutiques!
    So Nadine, get those hard-to-get tickets for the Broadway musical, The Adams Family and maybe write a story on Mood Fabrics while you’re there in New York.

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